Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Ignoring the Obvious - How Government Screws Up (Almost) Everything

By cmndr45

“Take the hoards of illegals streaming across our Southern border. While everyone offers after-the-fact band-aids, nobody wants to deal with the two fundamental reasons that we have the problem in the first place: jobs and welfare. Illegals come here because they can simply earn more money than they can in their home country, especially if they work “off book” - for cash. If we actually made it impossible for illegal aliens to work in the United States, the invasion would all but dry up.

“But on this issue, Republicans are just as guilty as Democrats - neither party wants to alienate their corporate supporters by genuinely enforcing the law with fines and criminal charges, nor angering the Hispanic community by prosecuting the illegals who use falsified documents to obtain jobs."

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