Friday, May 22, 2015

Kent earthquake devastation in pictures


Highways out of Kent choked with refugees fleeing the quake zone.

Scenes of utter devastation here.

The horror.

Before and after pictures of Sandwich in Kent.

Jerry can't defeat us and neither will an earthquake. It's time for Kent to rebuild.

There are more where these came from

Liberal/Progressives/Democrats talk about the Aging of the Republican Party, but forget a surety in life: Everybody gets older.

“’The party’s core is dying off by the day.’

“Death cults like American Liberalism are fond of these sorts of fantasies. Faced with disconfirming reality, they have two choices. One is to accept that there is no heaven on earth and there’s no way to arrange things to attain it. That means abandoning the one true faith. The other option is to blame enemies of the revolution, spies and saboteurs. Shockingly, every Rousseau-ist cult goes for door number two.

“To the great consternation of Progressives everywhere, murdering the enemies of the revolution is not an option in America. Instead they have to sate this urge with revenge fantasies involving the natural death of those they believe are holding them back. Five years ago, they claimed the people voting against Obama’s party were old farts ready for the grave. Now, those same old farts are in the way, but time is on the side of the anointed!” – ‘Death to the Old Farts!’ --

Early on, you will find you really don’t care

“so the mother of all meta-analyses of twin studies and the heritability of human traits was published the other day: “Meta-analysis of the heritability of human traits based on fifty years of twin studies” [pdf].

“the authors looked at “17,804 traits from 2,748 publications including 14,558,903 partly dependent twin pairs, virtually all published twin studies of complex traits.” 14.5+ MILLION twin pairs! as james thompson said, this study pretty much represents “the mother of ‘F*** Off’ samples.” (~_^) in future, if someone says to you that twin studies were debunked a long time ago, blah, blah, blah, just point them to this paper.

“and the upshot is: we are not blank slates. we never were.”

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(I don’t know why hbd chk dislikes capital letters leading paragraphs. And, as with the study, I don’t care.)

Cruz to reporter: Do you have a personal animosity against Christians, sir?

More Republicans should be asking about a reporter's agenda.

London cab driver murdered US soldier in Iraq

"I'm holding him in my arms and I'm trying to talk to him, and I'm telling the medic we need a medevac...and then a scary thing happened. He just came to, came back alive and he was pulling me close to him...telling me, 'Don't let me die.'

"The medic tried to give him the IV but his veins were flat," he added. "Then from him pulling me to him, he just let go and that was it."

Sgt. Randy Johnson was on his second tour in 2007.

Sgt. Johnson’s widow: "It's not a place he wanted to go back to. But it was his duty. He was a passionate soldier and that's what he needed to do."

Dumbass stupid

Synopsis for an HGTV log cabin episode: A family wants a getaway cabin to leave their hectic lifestyle in the Great Smokey Mountains near Columbia, S.C.

(Anyone who lives in the Great Smokies and has a hectic lifestyle deserves to be stranded in a reality TV show.)

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Unpleasant discovery

Lithuanian electrical substation made of tombstones from Jewish cemetery.

“Lithuania's once-vibrant Jewish community was nearly annihilated by the Nazis and the few who survived found little sympathy from their new communist rulers.

"’Hitler wanted to destroy Jews physically,’ said Simonas Gurevicius, whose family escaped the Holocaust by fleeing to Russia and returned to Lithuania after the war. ‘Stalin came, and he wanted to destroy the whole memory of the Jewish people, making sure that nothing will stay.’"

”More than 90 percent of Lithuania's prewar Jewish population of 240,000 was killed.”

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