Saturday, April 22, 2017

Parents give kids names guaranteeing jail time

“In 2015, Paris resident Christroyvius Mason, then 19, was arrested and charged with murder in the shooting death of Quenton Montrel Grundy, 20 of Paris.”

Sometimes I think there should be a Bureau of Names, where parents would be counseled, and counselors given the authority to say, "Are you kidding me? Just take the child to jail right now."

913 gold coins found in old piano

“Last November, piano tuner Martin Backhouse was having a hard time with some sticky keys on a 1906 Broadwood & Sons upright piano he was overhauling for The Community College of Bishops Castle. Martin found the problem when he removed the keys: eight parcels full of gold coins.

“…Inside seven cloth-wrapped parcels and one suede drawstring pouch, they counted 913 gold sovereigns and half-sovereigns ranging in date from 1847 to 1915, issued in the reigns of Queen Victoria, Edward VII and George V. The weight of the coins total more than 6 kilos (13+ pounds) of gold bullion.”

Friday, April 21, 2017

No reparations for me

Well, shoot. I miss out on all the good stuff offered or protested.

Well, not all. Four years in the Army and 12 years in the Texas Army National Guard did give me access to pretty much free medical care. And there was the GI Bill for college.

But on other stuff, not so much. I can’t claim Indian/Native American ancestry, so any share in federal monies going to the various Nations in Oklahoma is out of the question. No Osage oil money, no Choctaw food bank goodies, no Cherokee tears shed for whatever (allegedly) was done to long dead ancestors by equally long dead white persons. I guess I could move to Massachusetts and claim (pick a tribe) ancestry and run for the U.S. Senate. But I am a bit more honest than the (fake Indian) Democratic Party junior senator from the state that gave us John Adams and Paul Revere.

My wife of almost 45 years gave to me access to DNA testing. The overall result is: I am 100% European extraction. Further breakdown:

33% Ireland (includes Scotland)
30% West Europe (a big swath of land)
25% Great Britain (England and/or Wales)
6% Scandinavia (Norway, Sweden and/or Denmark)
3% Iberian Peninsula (Spanish and/or Portuguese)
2% Italy/Greece
1% Eastern Europe (Polish, Slovakian, Czech, Austrian, Russian, Slovenian, Hungarian, Romanian, Serb, Ukrainian, Belarus, Moldavan, Lithuanian, Latvian, Bosnian, Herzegovinian, Croatian – Take your pick, but don’t tell any of the others, because they don’t get along. You do not want to tell a Croat he is Serb. Or vice versa; not vice any versa. Not mentioned: Albania, Bulgaria, Macedonia or Estonia.)

The generic Western Europe part probably covers places where Vikings landed and took gold and stuff and left (shall we say) buns in the ovens. They were known for that.

Don’t try this at home

Unless you are Russian and know the neighborhood bears and have lots of cookies.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

I used to read Jewish World Review every day

But the web site now produces grammatically wrong headlines in attempts at gender neutrality.

To wit:

‘5 tips to help your child uncover their (sic) talents’

‘Every parent wants their (sic) child to grow as a successful person’

(I don’t even know what that second one means. A “successful person?” What is that?)

Portland, Ore., city council throws away $539 million

Can’t have any corporate investments from their city funds.

Or as a supporter of poverty said: “We can rest assured in Portland that our money won’t be funding prisons, pipelines, and the occupation of Palestine.”

Link at

'Paleolithic diet is a myth’

It makes sense that our long, long ago ancestors ate what didn’t eat them first. To claim, as pro-Paleolithic dieters do, that humans many thousands of years ago did not eat cereals or grains is not supportable.

“Food choice is as much about what’s available to be eaten as it is about what a species evolved to eat.”

Can I get an “Amen!”

You will eat what keeps you alive.

Link at maggiesfarm.

Compared with real news (North Korea's plans to nuke LA, or the latest love swoon for Chelsea Clinton's plans for 2020), Stone Age diet is not news for some people. I, however, am more interested in way back when stuff than I am in the doings of Bill and Hillary's overpaid and under-worked daughter.