Monday, January 16, 2017

Coming to a GUM store near you

All these products were available to Soviet consumers, or so said the official books published by the official publisher (the State) and printed by the official printer (the State).

We in capitalist America had no idea workers and peasants had it so good.

The goods pictured were available between 1956-61, so the official (State) writers and publisher said. I would have liked to have had some of the toys.

Dannebrog, Nebraska

In 1871, a group of Danes living in Milwaukee decided to move south. To Howard County Nebraska. These new Americans decided to call their new home Flag of Denmark – Dannebrog.

Dannebrog reached its highest population in the 1920 census – 436 residents. By 1930, the population had dropped to 427. It has not neared the 1920 number since. The 2010 census showed 303 people, a drop of 49 since 2000.

Dannebrog has Columbia Hall, built in 1908 by the Danish Brotherhood of America as a meeting place for the Danish community. The hall is now a tourist center and has archives on Danish-American history.

Figures from 2010 show the town as 91.7% white. The average age was 42.5. Of the 303 people, 52.5% were men and 47.5% were women.

2000 census numbers showed 9.7% of total population living below the poverty line.

A while back, about 30 acres were offered for sale near Dannebrog. The asking price was $225,000. By Old Math, that is $7,500 an acre. Photos showed some trees, some corn fields, some grass and a few round bales. No house or barn or tractor shed.

Defending the castle

“A thief in Cleveland, Ohio tried to walk a victim back into his house at gun point when someone in the house busted caps on him. The criminal was pronounced DOT (dead over there) after he transported himself to the hospital.”

Fox8Cleveland says the dead dude dropped two handguns and ran away after he was shot. Two pistols, and he’s dropped by a good guy from the house. Ta-da.

(Picky: The good shooter was not one of the bad guy’s “victims.” Through a well-placed shot, he saved his friend and kept himself from being a victim.)

Waiting since 1945. Or maybe 1939

Poland’s Defense Minister Antoni Macierewicz to 4th Infantry Division soldiers:
“We have waited for you for a very long time. We waited for decades, sometimes feeling we had been left alone, sometimes almost losing hope, sometimes feeling that we were the only one who protected civilization from aggression that came from the east."

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Armed Mom 2; thieves 0

“Allen Thompson and a friend tried to force their will on a family in Columbus, Ohio. When they started moving towards the children in the home, Mom, Jessica Robinson got her gun and opened up on the thieves. The criminals fired on the house as they fled the scene and Jessica returned fire. Both of the thugs were found wounded at the hospital by police.”

"I know there's a damn good chance we'd be dead right now if I hadn't grabbed my gun like I did," Robinson said. "My immediate life was in danger so I shot."

Link has photo of “alleged” bad dude. He should be banned from the gene pool.

Friday, January 13, 2017

‘For each free man you will find eight women’

So says the director of a Kazakhstan marriage agency, commenting on demographics in the capital city Astana.

Tatiana Logvinenko: “If among the men you take out those who are married, alcoholics, drug addicts, gay or in prison, well, in Astana for example, for each free man you will find eight women. And the figures are the same for the whole country.”

Logvinenko’s customers “come mainly from women aged 32 and over. Single women seeking husbands are typically highly educated, self-reliant and employed in good positions, but fated by their lifestyles to being without a family.”

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Waiting for California exiles? Who else would pay that much?

An internet ad for five acres in Bonner County, Idaho -- $114,000. By Old Math, that works out to be a whole bunch per acre. Selling points? The land has a shop that could be turned into a “tiny house” to meet the current HGTV-created craze. And … And, there is a house trailer that “could be moved or used for storage.”

Wait a minute! First, spending more than $22,000 an acre. Then, moving a perfectly good trailer. Then, turning a storage building into a house.

Whatever somebody wants to do with his money.