Wednesday, September 2, 2015

This story has everything from a Palestinian piece …

… except Israeli soldiers. And it reportedly happened in Azerbaijan.

‘Armenian troops accused of injuring Azerbaijani civilians’

“According to the ministry, two women and a minor girl were injured when Armenian soldiers allegedly sprayed a wedding tent with gunfire in Tartar city’s Kapanli Village.”

Women hurt, a girl hurt, a wedding party, no Palestinian … uh Azerbaijan men involved anywhere.



‘Russia Makes Play for Arctic, Obama Seeks More Coast Guard Icebreakers’

‘Call for Arctic Icebreakers Could Hurt Great Lakes’

(With no apologies to Gen. Buck Turgidson: We can’t let the Russians beat us in the icebreaker race!)

Uninhabitable Gaza not because of global warming?

Doesn’t global warming cause everything?

“GENEVA, Switzerland, Sept. 1 (UPI) -- The United Nations' trade and development arm on Tuesday painted a bleak picture for the Palestinian-held and highly contested territory of Gaza, saying the strip could cease to be habitable within five years if the current economic and political climates persist.”

“According to the report, Gaza by 2020 will no longer have the economy and infrastructure needed to support the nearly 2 million residents there. The problem, officials say, is the constant warring between Palestinians and Israelis, which, over time, has seriously eroded the Gaza Strip's sustainability.”

Well, if the UN can’t blame climate change, it can blame da Jooz. And it does citing an “economic blockade” and “three military operations.”

A check of a map shows Israel is not the only country bordering Gaza, but Hamas has angered Egypt to the point of blockade from the south, as well as Israel’s forces north and in the Mediterranean Sea. Countries tend not to be friendly when other governments ambush soldiers and kill tourists, as Hamas has done.

Egypt had the place as the Gaza Strip for 19 years (1948-67), yet kept it in poverty. That was OK, though, because it was Muslims doing it to Muslims.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Dogs circle like sharks

Priscilla and I are keeping our daughter’s three dogs while she is away. When Priscilla moves in her chair, especially when she gets up, our two and K’s three start moving. There is silent dog talk that goes from one room to another, so a dog two rooms away knows Priscilla is moving and maybe food is involved. Dogs are jealous creatures and cannot abide the idea that another might get something.

“They circle me like sharks,” Priscilla said.

I think they are more like hyenas.

One dreary-looking city

Panorama photograph of Vicksburg, Miss., riverfront, 1909

Alice B. Miller on right side was originally Frank B. Hane, renamed in 1908.

After an agreeable return on the Alice B. Miller, Google decided I wanted to see boat and kayak rental places from Boston to Chicago, so there is nothing else on the Charley H. and the Falls City.

Live back then? No, thank you.

Shorpy has hundreds of B&W photographs, many from 8x10-inch glass negatives. That size, a photographer can get a whole lot of subjects in his picture, and sharpness beats anything in 35mm or digital.

The last time I went through all the aviation pictures, Shorpy had a color photograph of 19-year-old machinist Norma Jean Baker, I think at the Douglas factory in San Diego.

The ER nurse said ...

"Do you want some morphine?"

There had to be at least one

Phuc Yu was a fake city in Vietnam, but there really is a Phuket in Thailand.

“Phuket: Veteran Australian journalist Alan Morison and his Thai colleague Chutima Sidasathian have been acquitted on charges of defaming the Royal Thai Navy in a case that will have far-reaching consequences for the media in military-run Thailand.”

“Defaming” the navy? Are you serious? (Dumb question, an American question.)