Thursday, July 28, 2016

Give it a rest with the PTSD already

Well-meaning people make things worse.

“Tellerino said they would love to begin a public outcry about the struggle of veterans both mentally and emotionally who are lost in an ineffective support system. ‘The VA would like to keep the tragedy of untreated PTSD the best-kept secret in town -- and we're going to do everything we can to expose it for what it is. This wall will help bring recognition to that cause, as well as alert these guys who are coming home to seek help for PTSD.’"

“…they would love …” Who the hell is this “they”? People bring it up and bring it up and want to “dialogue” and “make the public aware” and other conscience-assuaging bullshit.

“The people behind the project also hope it will bring closure to the many families mourning their fallen heroes.”

I know people who died. You know how many would call themselves “heroes”? None. Not one.

So stop with the memorials to suicides and stop calling every dead soldier, Marine, airman, sailor and Coast Guardsman a hero.

And that “lost to PTSD” business is bullshit, too. I am sorry some people can’t handle whatever it was that caused them to leave this mortal coil. But I do not have to think them “heroes.”

What really pisses me off about all this stuff is the people who have no fucking idea what they are talking about.

Nomad Games

In Kyrgyzstan, Sept. 3-8.

Traditional nomad sports – archery, wrestling, horse racing. No mention of caravan raids or village sacking

I did something Russian auto scanners like

Some word or phrase or search has set the Russian trollers to this site.

This week: 1,462 hits from Russia. Today: 312. In the last month: 1,629.

I don’t know what I wrote or linked to. Maybe Caucasus news, bank cards in Turkmenistan?

It’s not like I’m part of the Democratic National Committee.

‘The world is officially crazy’

That is my wife’s announcement. What brought about her conclusion:

“You won’t believe this,” I said after reading a news story. “Well, maybe you will, since it happened at the Democratic National Convention.”

She said, “What have they done now?”

“At a panel discussion, people debated on whether men who identify as women have access to reproductive rights.”

She didn’t say anything for several seconds. Then: “You mean they think trans-women should have access to abortions?”

“That’s what they were talking about.”

She said, “Have they all gone crazy? Do they think men can get pregnant?” I shrugged. She said, “You can cut off the penis or fold it inside, but it does not become a womb. There are no eggs.”

Then after a sigh of exasperation: “The world is officially crazy.”

Here is the story:

The Possum Lodge is wrong.

The Red Green Show always ended with Possum Lodge members saying the Lodge pledge: “I’m a man, but I can change, if I have to, I guess.”
Unlike the Canadians, I ain’t changing.

How’s prison life, Stubby?

If you ever, ever, thought about robbing somebody, consider this:

“Last week in Hartford, Connecticut, Derick Sarra, 20 and Joel Matias, 23, pleaded guilty to their invasion of the home of local grocer Juan Martinez. They came up behind Martinez as he arrived home and forced him into the house. Martinez then pulled out his own gun and shot the pair. Matias’ guilty plea was from the wheelchair he still occupies as a result of the encounter. According to the article, Martinez shot Matias’ dick off.”

Whole story:

How’s prison life, Stubby?

Eat the doughnut

“In the food industry, it's not unusual for patrons to ask the staff what is particularly tasty on a menu. Staff at most eateries are at least encouraged to taste everything the restaurant offers. So it shouldn't be particularly alarming that being able to eat the restaurant's food might be something establishments would look at when hiring staff.

“However, according to social justice warriors, doing so is an outrage:

"A popular Portland mini doughnut shop has found itself in the midst of a hiring flap after including a prohibition against dietary restrictions in its help-wanted ad."

The owner said PETA-types can go suck a carrot.

“’After receiving as much hate email as we have in the last two days, I'm more steadfast and sure of our position than ever,’ Snell wrote in a lengthy Facebook comment. ‘I'd rather have the freedom to run my business in a way that is both lawful and representative of my own hard-earned right of choice than capitulate to bullying, fear tactics and intimidation.’"

Link at

Indeed. And so do Democratic Progressives

“Commies may not believe in God, but they believe they can do his job.”

‘My Problem With Atheists’

Of course Democrats think they can do God’s job. That’s why their programs will end: unemployment, poverty, hunger and war. Their programs will give free college education to anybody who will sit still in classrooms for four years. Grades? We don’t need no stinkin grades. Grades are white and patriarchal.