Sunday, July 20, 2014

As long as the water flows and the grass grows …

… or something.

“The Oglala Sioux and Lakota Sioux of the reservation have been told by the Federal Government that the National Parks Service will be taking land that comprises the South Unit of the Badlands National Park as a new ‘Tribal National Park’, only the wording in the bill clearly indicates that it will be a federally managed national park under the Department of Interior, giving mere lip service to its tribal title. The Congressional bill has already been written, and if passed through Congress, both tribal members and non tribal members will be stripped of their deeded land – at a price set by the federal government. If owners do not accept Washington’s offer (expected to be a meager one), the land can be acquired at no cost because the measure has waived all appraisal rights and stipulates that Washington can simply take Indian land by force under ‘eminent domain’.

"Thousands of tribe members will be affected by the land-grab. Some residents will be forced to relocate, and many more others will lose their income from grazing allotments on the land – a result which will ultimately force any remaining independent cattle ranchers out of business. In addition to all this, Tribal members will lose their share income from entrance fees collected at the adjacent North Gate fees of the Badlands National Park – a punitive measure which will further compound the existing economic depression on a reservation where the average annual income is around $8,000 per year.”

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‘The Big Mystery Behind The Great Train Robbery May Finally Been Solved’

I didn’t know there was a big mystery. Maybe that was the big mystery -- Nobody knew?

Saturday, July 19, 2014

OMG! How could they do this?

Nannies missing from employer Facebook pictures!!

“Those imperfect metrics of resonance, ‘likes’ and comments, suggested I hit a nerve, as people I hadn’t heard from in years chimed in with responses ranging from upbeat (‘I’ve never thought about this!,’ wrote a mom friend of mine. ‘I’m going to take a picture of my daughter and her nanny and share today!’) to frustrated (a former nanny described herself as ‘always behind the camera’ or ‘holding the bags’ yet too intimidated to ask her employer to snap a photo with her charges), to indifferent (photos of my nanny, one friend wrote, is ‘something my friends just wouldn’t be interested in seeing’).

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Here is an answer: The rich are different from you and me.

Call me what you wish, but odds are these idiots are not longtime native English

Four men with machetes crash into man’s car, pull him out, attack him and then “ran down the road laughing.”

One man was arrested, but his name is not in the story.

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Friday, July 18, 2014

Legal protections mean ‘not enough men are being convicted of rape’

So, we’ll take away presumption of innocence.

“New Zealand's two major political parties, concerned that not enough men are being convicted of rape, are considering changes to centuries-old legal protections enjoyed by criminal defendants. The Labour Party wants to remove the assumption of innocence, shifting the burden of proof to the defendant in rape cases. Meanwhile, the National Party wants to allow judges and jurors to view a defendant's refusal to testify or provide evidence in a negative light.”

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Viva la revolution?

“The French Revolution felt the impact of the American revolution, but misunderstood its message.

“In the face of a colonial oppressor the American founding fathers raised a flag reading ‘Don’t Tread on Me’; in the face of a thousand years of feudalism the French Revolution raised the guillotine. The Americans threw off their colonial ruler and proclaimed a constitutional republic; the French threw off the miasma of feudalism, and replaced it with the dead weight of dictatorship. The American inspiration was John Locke; the French was Rousseau. The American Revolution threw up Washington and Jefferson; the French threw up Robespierre and St Just.”

It’s Bastille Day!

(OK, so I'm a few days late.)

‘Give me a better grade – I deserve it’

OK. Older generation vs. the young’ens. Happened since Adam and Eve started over with their kids. (The first two didn’t work out at all.) A previous generation always worked harder and had to learn more than the present gaggle of students/workers/soldiers/whatever.

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In my first year of graduate school I got a B in a course in which I did A work and an A in a course I did B work. I did not complain about the B, nor did I give back the A for an earned B. When a teaching assistant I mentioned to my wife about an early 40s student, raising two kids, going to nursing school, and how the woman had earned her 50 average. I said I really wanted to give her a 70. My wife said, “Would you want a nursing school teacher to add 20 points?” End of discussion.