Monday, May 2, 2016

Anybody who dies will be sent to a work camp

Kim Jong Un has “banned all weddings – and funerals – for the coming week as the reclusive country gears up to anoint him as their official leader at the first Workers' Party of Korea Congress in 36 years, Britain’s Sunday Times reports.”

Shoe war, or, Obama’s Pentagon trips over trade pact

"Rob DeMartini, New Balance's president and CEO, said he agreed not to oppose the trade pact in exchange for assurances from Michael Froman, the Obama administration's top trade official, that he would ease the impact by helping the company get a Defense Department contract to produce up to 225,000 pairs of athletic shoes a year for military recruits and soldiers. That never happened, the company said, then unleashed its attacks on the trade pact after years of reluctant silence."

"Beyond the allegations that the Pentagon shops overseas to dress its servicemen and that it used a contract to bait a U.S. manufacturer on a political matter, the Pentagon also is accused of flouting the will of Congress on a major procurement issue."

You mean the command branch of the government would issue orders that negatively affect American companies?

What’s the reason for this?

At a local station: Unleaded regular: $2.15 9/10; Diesel: $2.15 9/10.

I have never seen gasoline and diesel priced the same. Before diesel became popular as an automobile and pickup fuel, the price was way below gasoline, but went way above gasoline with additional diesel-powered cars and pickups and the great increase in numbers of tractor-trailer trucks.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

We don't need no edjukashun

You said there would be chicks … Uh, girls … Uh …

Peter Fricke, Investigative Reporter

“The University of Southern California cancelled an event for students in its game-design program last week because the panel of industry leaders did not include any women.

“Just hours before the ‘Legends of the Games Industry’ discussion was scheduled to begin on April 20, the USC Interactive Media & Games department announced on its Facebook page that the event had been cancelled ‘in the interest of promoting diversity and inclusion,’ and that a replacement event ‘with a balanced group of panelists’ will be arranged in the coming weeks.

“’The panel didn’t reflect the diversity within the USC community and the games industry at large,’ read an accompanying statement from Professor Anthony Borquez. ‘We regret presenting an all-male panel and are committed to a diverse and inclusive games industry.’”

Director of USC Games Tracy Fullerton told The Daily Trojan that ‘there was no perfect choice here,’ but maintained that she believes she made the right call by cancelling the event.

“’There was only the choice to stand for one set of values or another. So, I chose the path I believe in,’ she explained. ‘You all are free to disagree, but I think it is the right side of history.’”

There was a girl … uh, female participant, but something happened and she withdrew.

Majoring in Queer?

‘Schools such as Mizzou, Brown, Harvard, and the University of Wyoming will host lavender graduations, according to the Human Rights Campaign.’

Victoria Stroup, Missouri Campus Correspondent

“Over 100 colleges and universities will be hosting a separate graduation ceremony for LGBTQ and ally students this spring.

“According to the Human Rights Campaign, the ‘Lavender Graduation’ (a reference to the pink triangles Nazis forced gay men to wear) will take place on at least 124 college campuses in the United States in the coming weeks.

“The graduations are intended to ‘provide a sense of community for minority students who often experience tremendous culture shock at their impersonalized institutions.’

The HRC also says that the Lavender Graduation is often ‘the payoff for staying in school, and friends and families find the smaller, more ethnic ceremonies both meaningful and personal.’

“The ceremony is a ‘cultural celebration’ to recognize LGBTQ students of all races and ethnicities, and aims to encourage them to mentor their younger peers, as well as to recognize their contribution to their various universities.”

(I had to step away for a moment and find a trash can for use as an immediate barf receptacle. It’s OK. Breakfast was not as good coming up as going down, but I will survive.

(Now. What is LGBTQ “cultural celebration?” Used to, people sometimes mentioned “homosexual lifestyle,” which I figured meant a guy s****** another guy’s d***, or a woman e***** another woman’s p****. But now, all that is “cultural?” One guy s****** another guy’s d*** is cultural?

(I will survive for now, but whether American and Western society has a real future … Not so sure.)

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Western Europe incapable of seeing its future because it denies its past

Hungarian President Viktor Orban: “Therefore the Hungarians, unlike Europe, are able to define where they came from, where they are and where they are heading. By contrast, Europe denies where it came from and is reluctant to admit where it is heading …”

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Hungarian government exists for protection of its citizens, Orban says.

Government isn’t doing enough to prepare us for … something really bad

‘Experts issue terrifying warning about the threats facing our species and warn that governments simply aren't prepared to combat them’

“The rise of robots and deadly viruses are among the threats that could wipe out swathes of humanity – but governments are failing to prepare properly for them, a new report warns.

“Catastrophic climate change, nuclear war and natural disasters such as super volcanoes and asteroids could also pose a deadly risk to mankind, researchers said.”

Link “The End Is Near,”

Key words: “experts,” “new report,” “researchers.”

I read all of the Z-Man’s column, but not more than four paragraphs of the Mirror story. Some people get money from being a “researcher” and issuing “a new report” that calls for “governments” to become more involved. I guess maybe I am jealous because I never got any of the money and did not publish gloom and doom and warn the public: “The sky is …” BOINK!

The greatest beer run ever

He heard some guys from the neighborhood were thirsty. In Vietnam.

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