Friday, January 18, 2019

Atchafalaya River Catfish Capital of Louisiana

That is how Melville brands itself.

Melville is in St. Landry Parrish, in south central Louisiana. The town’s largest-ever population was 1,987 in the 1970 census.

The 2010 census showed 1,041 people in the town, a decrease of more than 24% from the 2000 population of 1,376.

Of Melville’s residents, 51.9% are black, 45% are white, with the remaining 3.1% native American, Asian, two or more races, Hispanic or Latino.

Melville is not a prosperous town, showing 35.6% of families and 40% of the total population living below the poverty line, including 47.2% of those under age 18 and 37.7% of those older than 64. That’s poor.

Wikipedia says: “In 2010, Melville had the 12th-lowest median household income of all places in the United States with a population over 1,000.”

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

A place we do not want to be

“In extreme form, urban people live like colonists running a profitable trading post by way of royal charter. While their trade is attractive, they themselves are not. They assume their standards to be universal by celestial warrant, much as did the arrogant collectivists from DC that infested Appalachia in the 1930s. Although it was they who were intruders, it was we who were outside the consensus.

“It's far worse now. Urban America feels duty bound to misunderstand and misrepresent the rest of the country in support of their cultural template. Where the sidewalks end the ‘other’ begins, so no insult is too outrageous, no lie too preposterous. It's almost understandable, moderation may signal weakness to the circling cullers of the herd.”

Our rulers build walls to keep out the peasantry. Most of us do not want in, anyway.

FDR's best and brightest intended to save the poor through government jobs and forced relocation, leading to collective farming. An almost unfathomable idea today, the farming part. But the rest still remains. Urbanists want to end the Electoral College, taking all political power from non-city folk. Listen to the new Democrats in Congress, but only long enough to hear their words, not take in their beliefs. 

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Comparing hot rocks with limousines

The new gov of California took his cabinet on a tour of Central Valley. Gov. Gavin Newsome is pushing a drinking water tax to pay for “safe and affordable drinking water.”

That’s right. Californians who want clean water would pay not only income taxes, sales taxes and whatever else the legislature has given them, as well as a tax on the water they use for drinking, cooking and bathing. Gavin’s proposal is 95 cents a month, not much until you consider what can be imposed can be raised. And what about downtrodden Californians who can’t afford a water tax? I’m certain money can be found in other ways, maybe a surcharge to the tax, or a volume tax.

While in Central Valley, Newsome said, he and his cabinet “met with residents who cannot drink or bathe with the water in their homes — while paying more for it than those in Beverly Hills.”

If the governor truly believes a gallon-for-gallon comparasion of water in agricultural Central Valley vs Beverly Hills is logical or accurate, he needs to resign his office and go back to school.

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Neanderthal plaque points to true paleo diet

“The true paleo diet is eating whatever’s out there in the environment.” – Laura Weyrich, University of Adelaide

By harvesting and sequencing that DNA, Weyrich has shown that there was no such thing as a typical Neanderthal diet. One individual from Spy cave in Belgium mostly ate meat like woolly rhinoceros and wild sheep, as well as some edible mushrooms. But two individuals who lived in El SidrĂ³n cave in Spain seemed to be entirely vegetarian. The team couldn’t find any traces of meat in their diet, which consisted of mushrooms, pine nuts, tree bark, and moss. The Belgian Neanderthals hunted; the Spanish ones foraged.

Stone Age diet: I’ll eat anything that doesn’t eat me first.

This is not your great-grandfather’s world

That brings us to the final point of comparison. Britain’s Telegraph recently reported that UK schools are teaching British children that “Trans boys and men and non-binary people may have periods” and that “menstruation must be inclusive of all genders.” You read that right.

In the span of 100 years, Britain has gone from producing men who were so eager to fight and die for their country that 16-year-olds lied about their age to enlist when the minimum age was 19, to teaching primary school boys that they can have periods just like girls and offering feminine hygiene products in boys’ bathrooms. This phenomenon isn’t unique to the U.K. U.S. colleges, like the University of Wisconsin, University of Minnesota, and Brown University offer menstrual products in their men’s rooms, in the name of “menstrual equity” and as a sop to a miniscule “transgender” population.

The men who won World War I would not put up with modern notions we are supposed to accept as normal..

Friday, January 11, 2019

Was a time…

In the 1950s and early 1960s, Northeast Texas got one, maybe two, hard freezes every winter, when the temperature at night dropped to the low 20s, high teens. We got ground-covering snow maybe every five years.

When weathermen forecast a hard freeze, my job was to drain the pipes. My family lived near Rocky Branch, Texas, then, seven of us in a two-bedroom, one-bath house. The house had a well with a pump and running water, indoors. That was the first house we lived in that had indoor plumbing.

On nights of a hard freeze forecast, after all us kids had a bath, my mother washed the tub and then filled it with water, so we could dip water and fill up the toilet tank and flush the toilet. Then, she would fill up all the cook pots and a couple of wash basins, giving us drinking water and water to heat on the stove, if the water pipes remained frozen.

Somewhere between 10 and 10:30 p.m., I turned off the water pump, and, with a flash light and a crescent wrench, went to the north side of the house, where there was access to the water pipes. I pulled the piece of tin roofing from the hole there and took off the pipe cap at the junction. Water remaining in the pipes drained onto the ground. Thinking nowdays, it seems the night was always extra dark and moonless, and colder than ever.

These days, from posts by family and friends, Northeast Texas has three or four or five hard freezes every winter, and more ice storms and snow than we used to get.

Thursday, January 10, 2019

We would like to hire you for our Women’s Studies Program

OMG! You’re pregnant?

“A professor of women’s studies is suing a university after, she claims, the women’s studies department there retracted its employment offer after learning of her pregnancy.

“Evangeline Heiliger says that Wichita State University’s Center for Women’s Studies ‘retracted an employment offer after she told them she was pregnant and asked about campus childcare options,’ The Wichita Eagle reports.

“Heiliger, who is a visiting assistant professor at Oberlin College, applied for the position at Wichita State in late 2017 and was interviewed last February, The Eagle says. She was later offered the job by the center’s director, at which point she revealed “that she was pregnant and also inquired regarding the on-site childcare available at Wichita State,” the lawsuit states.

“A few days later the dean of the department contacted her ‘indicating that he had become aware that she was no longer available for the position and that they were removing her from consideration.’”

Heiliger says she never indicated she was unavailable for the job.

 A pregnant woman teaching Women’s Studies? Oh, the horror!