Saturday, January 31, 2015

Occupy or devastate

(See 'Standing army vs. Fourth Generation forces' below.)

We do not have long-term commitment from citizens or from politicians.

So, occupation is out of the question.

‘Fundamental Concepts - Winning at War [Weirddave]’

Devastation “is a sure thing, but it's surely a godawful bloody thing. First of all, you have to realize that in any population of humans, the majority of the people just want to get along and live their lives. This means a small, dedicated group of committed people can drive the entire population in whatever direction they want. We're like schools of fish, swimming along, when suddenly a couple of fish turn and dart in a different direction and immediately everyone else does the same. If the people leading the population are bent on war, these people will be the firebrands and the warriors. Look at Germany leading up to WWII. The Nazis never numbered more than 10% of the population, and look at the whirlwind they reaped (Most estimates of the percentage of "radical" Muslims put them at 20-25% of the worldwide Muslim population. Chow on the implications of THAT for a while). The war faction in Imperial Japan was similarly composed of only a small percentage of all Japanese, and the same thing happened there.

“So how do you defeat an enemy thusly comprised? You kill them. You kill them, and kill them, and kill them some more, and you keep on killing them, not just the armies in the field but also the civilians back home, until the entire population cries out "enough!". You have to kill the firebrands, utterly defeat the warriors, and get the civilian population to the point where anything, literally anything, even surrender to an enemy that they've been told will annihilate them, is better than one more day of war. It's bloody and brutal and closer to hell on earth than anything mankind has yet devised, but it's the only way. Please don't misunderstand me. I am not bloodthirsty, I'm not being flippant, I am not cavalierly calling for war. I am horrified beyond belief at the reality of the words that I'm typing, but my horror doesn't make them any less true.

“And then.....

“And then you help them up. They'll have been told that they have no future after losing the war, so you give them one. You rush in men and money and machines and you rebuild. You give them a future of peace and prosperity and joy. WWII ended in 1945. Within 20 years Western Germany and Japan were peaceful and rich. Eastern Europe (where the Soviets acted as conquerors) was not. It's not perfect, and hatreds will linger, but man is mortal and generations born to wealth and comfort tend to be less and less susceptible to them.”

The world is a stage …

… and at some point you will find yourself no longer playing the lead role in your own production, not even in the cast as “Horseman” or “Police Officer,” but perhaps as “Man Sitting in Chair.”

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Friend fixes car, finds 13 pounds of dope

ALAMOGORDO, N.M. – A New Mexico woman drove a van for more than 13 years without realizing there was marijuana hidden inside.

Melodie Peil told the Alamogordo Daily News she bought a 1990 Chevrolet van at a local dealership in 2001 so she would have room to transport her daughter's children.

Until Friday, she had no idea that on trips to softball games and on vacations out of town she had been transporting 13 1/2 pounds of marijuana hidden in one of the vehicle's doors.

A family friend discovered the marijuana when he removed a door panel to repair a broken handle.

Inside a hole cut in the door were five bricks of marijuana covered in plastic wrap and foil.

Police say the marijuana is so old that it's worthless.

Information from: Alamogordo Daily News

Link at

Detroit, Texas, Zip 75436 (it’s pronounced Dee-troit)

The real pronouncement is probably something like Da-Twa or De-Twa, it being French and all. Why this town of 10 downtown buildings is named Detroit, I don’t know.

East Texas has many uniquely named towns.

In southern Red River County is Bogota, but with a Texas twist on pronunciation – Buh-go-ta.

There is Telephone in Fannin County. “Poke Hindman owned a store in Fannin County and wanted a post office. All of his name suggestions were rejected, so he submitted ‘Telephone’ since he was the only person in the community with one.”

Mr. Bowman writes about Direct, Ben Franklin, Cuthand and Pickton, among others, but he does not mention Detroit.

Barely west of Clarksville on Highway 82 is Little Chicago. A longtime resident and frequenter of Dairy Queen coffee said when asked that the community was called that because it wasn’t far from Detroit. I think there’s more to the story – probably something to do with Prohibition and Red River County’s numerous illegal whiskey stills over the years, but who was I to argue with a fan of Dairy Queen coffee?

The best story on how a Texas town got its name: People in a certain locale petitioned the U.S. Post Office Department for a post office. There was a form; it was, after all, the government. Anyway, the man filling out the form came to a blank space before which was “Proposed Name of Post Office (write in ink).” So he did. And that is how Ink, Texas, got its name.

That is a Texas tale, so you know it is gospel truth.

Detroit (Texas) had 776 people living there in 2000. John Nance Garner was born south of Detroit. He was FDR’s vice president, but the president and the vice president got crosswise on New Deal programs, and FDR did not pick Garner for the 1940 election.

Here are pictures:

Here is one from a long time ago. The buildings are still there, but with different names.

When working for the newspaper in Paris, Texas, I drove through Detroit three times a week for four years, going to various places in Red River County. I think I did three stories there – one about a hardware store, one about an antique store and the other about the Texas Historical Commission marker at the farm where John Nance Garner was born. The maker was lying face down and was too big for me to pick up and put back in place.

Obama promises to fight obesity in India

“'We very much look forward to partnering with organizations and the government and non-governmental organizations here in India around broader public health issues, including the issue of obesity,' said Obama.

“'I’m very proud of the work that Michelle has done on this issue,' he said. 'We’re seeing a worldwide epidemic of obesity, in many cases starting at a very young age.'”

However: The United Nation’s World Food Program says India is one of the hungriest countries in the world.

“UN agencies and non-governmental organization have pointed to undernourishment, and underweight children, as a serious problem in India.

“’An estimated 32.7 percent of the Indian population lives on less than US$ 1.25 per day,’ says the UN World Food Program. ‘The country is home to a quarter of all undernourished people worldwide. Any global impact on hunger requires progress in food and nutrition security in India.’”

Standing army vs. Fourth Generation forces

In commenting on Ride the Red Horse, Ann Sterzinger has this quote from William S. Lind:

“ … state militaries might not be able to come to grips with Fourth Generation enemies no matter what they do. ...”

Lind’s assertion has more truth than Pentagon planners and Congressional obstructionists would agree.

Here is another truth: If my guys can’t defeat your guys, I have several choices -- (1) Give up; (2) Train my guys in a different way; (3) Hire some guys who can defeat your guys.

The first choice leads to death or enslavement.

Door Number Two is possible, but only if I reorganize my military and political doctrine, train soldiers in the ways of individual killings and indoctrinate them with religious fervor. Those will take time and would include methods not favored by many taxpayers.

This leaves 3. Hire some bona fide killers. As many as necessary, for as long as necessary. Hire killers who are willing to use the methods of my enemy. Give free rein to the hired killers. Anyone and everyone is a target. As David told Abigail, he was prepared to kill all “who pisseth against the wall.” That is a necessity in fighting Fourth Generation War.

Australian invasion of Spanish America

Alassendro Malespina wrote in the 1790s that Port Jackson (today’s Sydney) was a threat because “’with the greatest ease a crossing of two or three months through healthy climates, and a secure navigation, could bring to our defenceless coasts two or three thousand castaway bandits to serve interpolated with an excellent body of regular troops. It would not be surprising that in this case — the women also sharing the risks as well as the sensual pleasures of the men — the history of the invasions of the Huns and Alans in the most fertile provinces of Europe would be revived in our surprised colonies. … The pen trembles to record the image, however distant, of such disorders.’

“All those prostitutes, forgers and pickpockets wouldn’t just band up with the regular troops to make a formidable invasion force, but then they’d settle down and have lots of reproductive sex just like those German barbarian ancestors of the British monarch did.”

'Spain planned to invade Australia with an armada'

Time and politics ended any threats.