Friday, February 16, 2018

Pity the poor pitchers

In 1876, the National League of Professional Baseball played its first season. The league’s eight teams were: Boston Red Stockings, Chicago White Stockings, Cincinnati Red Legs, Hartford Dark Blues, Louisville Grays, Philadelphia Athletics, Brooklyn Mutuals and St. Louis Browns.

Cincinnati had fielded a professional team since 1869, but history meant nothing to the rest of the league. The Red Stockings finished in last place in the league’s inaugural season, with a record of 9 wins and 56 losses. Yep. Nine (9) wins.

The Red Stockings had three starting pitchers that year – Dory Dean, Cherokee Fisher and Dale Williams. Each was victim of bad fielding, and maybe a bit of karma for the team's 65 wins, 0 losses season in 1869.

Dean was the team’s No. 1 pitcher, starting 30 games and completing 26. His won-lost record of 4-26 might have been a reason he never pitched in the major leagues after 1876. Bad pitching was not Dean’s main downfall. His earned run average was 3.73, but a total average, counting unearned runs as well, was 9.21. In other words, Dean gave up nine runs for every nine innings pitched. Bad fielding hurt Dean, with 159 of those runs unearned.

Fisher started 24 games for Cincinnati and completed 22. His record of 4-20 also indicates that the Red Stockings were not a good team. Fisher’s earned run average was 3.02, with 77 of his 202 runs earned. Or, 125 unearned runs. Fisher pitched one game for the Louisville Grays in 1878, posting an 0-1 record and a 4.00 earned run average. He pitched nine total innings that game and gave up 12 total runs.

Williams, the third starter, like Dean, played only the 1876 season in the bigs. Williams started and completed nine games. His record was 1-8, with an earned run average of 4.23. Of his 75 runs, 39 were earned.

Other pitchers for the Red Stockings that year included: catcher Dave Pierson (0-1 with an infinity earned run average – 2 earned runs, but he didn’t get any batters out); infielder-outfielder-catcher Amos Booth (0-1, ERA 9.31); outfielder Bobby Clack (0-0, ERA 4.50); and infielder/outfielder Charlie Gould (0-0, ERA 0.00.)

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Are Scots civilized Irish?

“I once read an interview, I can't remember with who, it might have been with author Clive Cussler, who told of his grandfather's experience as a German soldier on the western front in WWI. He said something along the lines of ‘Well, the French were mediocre, the British bulldog tough, the Americans crazy brave, but when we heard bagpipes playing across no-mans land....we knew most of us wouldn't be coming back from the next attack’.”

Got stupid? There is no app for that

Internet inspirational thingy: “Never leave anyone who touches your soul more than you body.”

Maggie’s Farm has an answer:

The Facebook Aphasia Generation

“What a charming and inspirational message.

"I'm sorry, I was being pretending to be pleasant. As you know, I'm no good at it. Let's start over: Keerist, what drivel. But it's unexceptional drivel. No need to comment on how trite and meaningless the message is. Let's look at the spelling. I guarantee it was written, and shared quite a bit on social media, by college graduates. "You body?" Really? However, I'd like to point out that the word isn't misspelled. It's not a typo, either. The person who wrote it, and apparently a lot of people who read it, are blind to the fact that it's the wrong word. They have a condition I hereby christen Facebook Aphasia. They no longer have the mental ability to tell one word from another. It's not that they don't have the innate intellectual horsepower to learn the difference between you and your and you're. After all, they probably learned Klingon for their cosplay wedding ceremony. They're broken, not dumb.

“I think, technically, I'm talking about semantic anomia, but I'm just a blowhard on the Internet, so Facebook Aphasia is good enough for me.

“’Semantic anomia is a disorder in which the meaning of words becomes lost. In patients with semantic anomia, a naming deficit is accompanied by a recognition deficit. Thus, unlike patients with word selection anomia, patients with semantic anomia are unable to select the correct object from a group of objects, even when provided with the name of the target object.’

“Of course proper doctor-type persons know you generally need brain damage from a shovel to the parietal or a tumor that makes tempura of your temporal lobe to give you a proper dose of semantic anomia. I hereby posit that a contemporary public school education followed by a trip to the academy is on par with a severe blow to the head. People have become brain damaged by a refusal to enforce abstract standards of right and wrong for grammar, or anything else for that matter. Through a continual process of calling anyone who notices you're in error a Nazi, and exposure to a continuous stream of word salad on electronic devices, there are entire generations who are literally unable to tell one word from another. They've been taught from the cradle to simply take a stab at all things grammatical. They've been conditioned to rely on hunches, and they're blissfully ignorant of where the knee-jerk reactions they call hunches are spawned.

“So, welcome to the Facebook Aphasia world, where every voice is passive, every sentence starts with an adverb, and to, too, two is just the sound a Sesame Street train makes. There's no use whining about it, when wining about it works better. And dismember, never leaf anyone who touches your sole more than you body.”

Thursday, February 15, 2018

In today's higher education news ...

No whites need apply for job at Dalhousie University

Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, wants to hire someone as its vice-provost of student affairs. Provost Carolyn Watters, who is doing the hiring, specifically does not want any applications from white people.

“We have embarked on the process of selecting a new vice-provost student affairs,” Watters wrote, explaining that the job search “will be restricted to racially visible persons and Aboriginal Peoples at this time.”

I am certain that is the most racist job announcement I have ever read. “Racially visible” and “Aboriginal Peoples.”

Wait, though. Why is a white man or woman not “racially visible?”

The HR vice president explained: “This is a position where we’re looking across our senior admin ranks at Dalhousie, we note that there are representation gaps for racialized and Indigenous People, and so the decision was made to try and target our recruitment efforts to find qualified candidates who will help to increase our representation in the senior ranks.”

The HR VP is Jasmine Walsh. Hmm. Provost Carolyn Watters and HR VP Jasmine Walsh. What are the chances the new hire will be a man?

White man gets job at Harvard; ‘diversity advocates’ not pleased

“Harvard University’s selection of Lawrence Bacow as its new president has been met with disappointment and frustration from those who hoped to see a person of color in the post for the first time.”

Mr. Bacow is the son of Holocaust survivors, but that only spurred on the Jew-haters.

“Chanda Prescod-Weinstein, a theoretical physicist at the University of Washington-Seattle, dismissed Bacow’s status as an immigrant and child of a Holocaust survivor, given his light skin.

“’Y’all can spin it as a another immigration story but Harvard was founded by and for white immigrants and it’s been pretty clearly established that white Jews can enter the corridors of power — including former Harvard presidents Larry Summers and Neil Rudenstine [Summer’s predecessor],’ she wrote on Twitter.”

(Msssss Prescod-Weinstein needs some schoolin’ I sentence writing. Oh. She’s in theoretical physics. That explains a lot.)

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

How to know who you are fighting

You can identify an unknown force by firing one shot and judging the

If the unknowns respond with precise, regimented rifle fire, they are British.

If they respond with heavy machinegun fire, they are German.

But if nothing happens for a few minutes, then your whole position gets leveled by artillery, they are American.

If they surrender, they're French.

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Whatever happened to Randolph Scott?

“Above all, men who have been in fights know that there is nothing good or noble about being a victim. This is a concept the modern ‘conservative movement,’ mostly run by wimps, has lost, probably irrevocably. They’re forever tugging at my heartstrings, from No Child Left Behind to Israel’s plight to MLK’s wonders to whining that the media doesn’t play fair to the overwrought emotional appeals they use to justify dropping bombs on Muslims. The Republicans are even taking seriously a pure victim-candidate: Michelle Bachman. As far as can be told, she’s a middle-American Barack Obama with boobs and a slightly loopier world view.

"Modern ‘civilized’ males don’t get in fistfights. They don’t play violent sports. They play video games and, at best, watch TV sports. Modern males are physical and emotional weaklings. The ideal male isn’t John Wayne or James Bond or Jimmy Stewart anymore. It’s some crying tit that goes to a therapist, a sort of agreeable lesbian with a dick who calls the police (whom he hates in theory) when there is trouble. The ideal modern male is the British shrimp who handed his pants over to the looter in south London."

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Monday, February 12, 2018

Lions eat poacher in South Africa

(Well, he thought he was a poacher.)

The story also notes: “Lions kill up to 250 people a year in Africa …

“Their bones have become highly prized in the the Far East with a skeleton fetching up to £7,000 and the skin £3,000. Teeth can fetch £500 each.”

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