Sunday, June 26, 2016

Just because your vehicle weighs 27 tons doesn’t give you right of way

Well, yeah, it kind of does.

“Interesting accident has happened in one of Russian cities. As witnesses report a road conflict arised between Toyota Camry driver and a soldier driving 2S4 ‘Tyulpan’ (‘Tulip’) self propelled mortar. Then Camry driver as said didn't want to yield to the soldier, then soldier just ran over the Toyota on his 27-ton tank.”

More table topics

Who’s the most famous person you’ve met? – Herman Wouk, in 1972, while working for The Texarkana Gazette.

If you could live on any beach, which would you choose? – I have not visited enough beaches to make a decision. Vung Tau, Vietnam; Galveston Island, Texas; Mustang Island, Texas; Lake Erie beach, Rochester, N.Y.; Crippled Children’s Landing, Lake Wright Patman, Texas; three or so here in Florida.

Where is change needed in your life? – Not enough room to write about those. Yeah, dodging the question. But it’s too serious.

Where were you on Sept. 11, 2001? – Covering police beat at The Paris News in Paris, Texas.

Who is the most inspirational person alive today? – My wife.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Hitler finds out the British voted

Things are not happy, happy in the Fourth Reich ... uh, the EU.

The gator ate the dog

In Ragin’ Cajun Redneck Gator, one of the big bad, blue moonshine monster-morphed gators ate the helpless, coddled dog named Baby.

That is against the rules. Well, used to be.

At one time in monster movies, monsters did not eat children, dogs or bikini babes.

But we live in a new world now, and all things are fair game.

In one of the Shaknado flicks, a shark ate bikini babes. Volleyball-playing bikini babes. But not a dog one fell victim to the flying great whites and hammerheads.

One thing held true in Redneck Gators, though: The Brother died. LL Cool J said it in Deep Blue Sea: "I've seen this movie. The brother always dies." (Or something near enough.) In Redneck Gator, though, the only black man in Vernon Parish, apparently, and he was swallowed by an alligator.

One of these days Hollywood will lose its structure, and a brother will walk away, alive, in a monster movie.

Friday, June 24, 2016

What will Olympics do about 'transgender' athletes?

Forty years ago, East German women in Olympics competition, you looked at them and you said, “Something is not right here.”

The East Germans went from 20 gold medals at one Olympics to 40 the next Olympics. Runners, swimmers, putters of the shot – word was there might be a question of sex (or, gender as it is called these days.)

Another thing about these days, what will Olympics rules makers do when persons born male decide female identification and demand to participate on women’s teams?

Brexit: Yeah, it's that voting thing to blame

UK ex pat Michael Booth: “We should never have left a decision as important as this to the English provinces who are stubbornly in thrall to a print media largely owned by tax exiles and porn pedlars. It is a catastrophe for everyone, not just the UK, but Europe, and that of course includes Denmark.”

Well, of course people who disagree are “in thrall” to someone. It isn’t as though opposition can think for themselves, is it? And “the English provinces”…! Good grief, they are rural! “We” in cities and universities and of literature should have been given the right to make the decision.

Aliens, Abraham Lincoln and Adolph Hitler

Program synopsis, Ancient Aliens: Aliens assisted Lincoln in the American Civil, saving the United States.

Same series: Aliens assisted Hitler in developing weapons far advanced of Allied types.