Monday, November 18, 2019

Idiot leftists

But I repeat myself.

‘Netherlands: Outraged leftists protest against “Black Pete” across the country’

Christmas parades across the Netherlands welcoming the arrival of St. Nicholas and his helper, Black Pete, were the scenes of protests by leftists who say Black Pete should be removed from the tradition, because for them, he’s a symbol of racism.

Sinterklaas, the Dutch version of St. Nicholas, arrived on horseback on Saturday at a nationally televised parade in the city center of Apeldoorn. Thousands of Dutch families celebrated as the procession with Sinterklaas and his helpers took place, Dutch news agency NOS reports.

This year, however, there was one noticeable difference. St. Nicholas’ helper, Black Pete, instead of wearing the traditional blackface, had dark chimney soot smeared over his face – apparently from all the chimney’s he’s climbed down to deliver presents.

A group called Kick out Zwarte Piet (KOZP), protested in several cities on Saturday during the entry of Sinterklaas. 

Here is the really stupid part: In the Hague, hundreds of protesters gathered in opposition to Black Pete. Demonstrators held signs that read “Black Lives Matter”, “Stop Black Face,” and “Black Pete is Racism”.

Black Pete is a helper of Santa Klaus and has a black face from all the chimneys he slides down,right? If Black Pete becomes white, leftists will complain because he is not she.

Rich woman wears coat made by underpaid workers; people complain

Meghan Markle, Stella McCartney – Who can remember all these rich women?

Published on 18 November 2019
By Reka Toth

Meghan Markle wore a Stella McCartney coat for the Remembrance Sunday commemorations. The coat was made by Hungarian workers in Beriv factory.

Beriv factory is in Berrettyóújfalu where the £1,545** coat was produced by Hungarian workers who earn minimum wage, if that, despite the prices of the high-end clothes, reports Daily Mail.

Imre Matolcsi, the factory director, stated that the workers earn above minimum wage and are properly paid according to Hungarian laws. The owner of the factory added that Stella McCartney is their most valuable client, and they look back on a long partnership together.

However, factory workers offered an entirely different point of view.

One of the workers showed her latest payslip which revealed that she was paid roughly 170 thousand forints***  for 176 hours.

“We might be paid above the legal amount, but we are still struggling. All of us workers are unable to survive and don’t have enough money for food or heating so have to rely on the help of friends and family to get through the month,” she said.

Beriv factory workers have a quota which if they are unable to meet, they are paid less, and often this quota is practically impossible to reach. In the case of the wool coat worn by the Duchess of Sussex, the quota was 50 linings sewn into them per day, which was highly unrealistic due to the intricacy of the work.

“The overall target for our production line for all Stella McCartney coats and jackets is to complete 50 per day but we are lucky if we can even do half of this,” she said.

It was also revealed that the total cost of production was about 20% of the retail price, which means a significant profit for the Stella McCartney brand, raising some questions given that the brand prides itself on producing ethical and sustainable clothing.

“We remain committed to responsible and ethical business practices and will do what we can to secure these throughout our supply chain,” stated a spokeswoman of the high-end brand.

** $2,001, a bit expensive for thee and me, not so much for a Royal.

*** $581, not much for 170 hours work.

‘Facebook Unveils New Bigot Recognition Technology’

From Babylon Bee

MENLO PARK, CA—In a move to better filter out unapproved positions and people, Facebook unveiled its new Bigot Recognition Technology (BRT) at a press event Tuesday.

The new tech automatically detects people who are likely to be prejudiced, backward cretins and flags them for removal from the social network.

"We're looking for key indicators of bigotry, like being white, believing in God, and holding any political position to the right of Stalin," Mark Zuckerberg said at the event. "Our algorithm has been trained to flag and remove offensive people who aren't welcome on our platform: straight, cisgendered males, conservative people, and of course, Christians.
Facebook's new technology did have a major hiccup early on, when it flagged several Antifa pages, but Zuckerberg had his engineering team program an exception for bigots on the left. "If you're being intolerant for the sake of tolerance, then yes, you're exempt from our new bigot filters, obviously," he said.

What the Democrats have

“Look, in every real sense, the Democrats have nothing, never had anything and will never get anything even remotely resembling a legitimate high crime of misdemeanor on this President that warrants impeachment. But, they will persist because a) they're completely out of their minds (with the possible exception of that Democrat Congressman Jeff Van Drew who sees this as a looming disaster) with hatred, b) their candidates and platform for 2020 is terrifying and repulsive even to those marginally interested in politics and c) the Deep State globalists in and outside government will not abide by having their grand strategy to control the destiny of this nation and its people taken from them.” – The Morning Report,

The anti-Catholic, anti-Semitic, anti-white, anti-gun party. They got nothin’. No integrity, no honesty, no morals, and absolutely no sense of American history.

To Democrats, the United States “as founded and everything it stands for is either inherently evil or illegitimate …” (also Founded on thievery and genocide, (invasion from Europe, stealing land from Indian/Native American/First Nations and killing all but a handful of the original inhabitants) slavery, (Europeans going to Africa and engaging in war against natives and using technology to defeat said natives and then bringing millions upon millions of captives to the future US of A and enslaving said Africans until the slaves rose up and, with the help of Democrats,  defeated Republican slave owners) as well as devastation of the land, building cities upon former pristine Nature, said largest cities now run by Democrats, with garbage, rats, crime and polluting automobiles poisoning … Oh. We’re not supposed to mention that part? My bad.

Sunday, November 17, 2019

So two Spanish girls and a Mexican girl get in a fight in Budapest

From Daily News Hungary.

Two Spanish and one Mexican 20-something girls got in an argument in a nightclub in downtown Budapest this Tuesday, on 12th November at 3 in the morning. They were brought to justice on Thursday by the prosecution of Districts 5 and 13, reports Origo.

One of the Spanish girls took the phone and documents in the phone case from the back pocket of the Mexican girl who stood by the nightclub’s bar. When this was noticed by the victim, she took the phone back from the Spanish girl and confronted her.

That is when the Spanish friend of the Spanish girl arrived, who held a glass in her hand. The Mexican girl pushed her so hard that the contents of her glass all landed on her friend. That was when they started to argue intensely where they fought not just with words but they pushed and scratched each other.

All the while, the other Spanish girl, the thief, used their fight as an opportunity to take the Mexican girl’s phone from her pocket again and hide it first in her dress and then in her bag.

In the end, the Mexican girl sought out the help of the security staff, and they called the police. The police found the phone and documents on the Spanish girl, according to Public Prosecutor Dr Tibor Ibolya’s statement.

They all admitted to being guilty and revoked their full right of trial. The court charged the Mexican girl and Spanish friend on one count of affray, while the Spanish girl who took the phone and papers was charged with theft.

The former are both to pay 80 thousand forints while the latter is to pay 120 thousand forints as punishment.

The ruling at first instance was acknowledged by the prosecutor as well as the Spanish girls and their defenders, while the Mexican girl and her defender will use their three-workday-period to submit their legal remedy statements.

Stay tuned for further developments in this international story of jealousy and, well, what amounts to 20-something women maybe having too much to drink. Three o’clock in the morning … Yeah, they had been drinking. All three, though, do give an international flavor to the US Democratic Party ideas of diversity being a good thing. I mean, how many times do you see a lead: “Two Spanish and one Mexican 20-something girls got in an argument in a nightclub …”? Or, since one “Spanish girl” took a phone “and documents in the phone case from the back pocket of the Mexican girl,” maybe there is an international espionage flavor to the whole affair. One wonders what the documents were, hidden in the phone case. And did the phone contain incriminating photos?

Two more missing identified

From World War II
TSgt. Max W. Lower, US Army, assigned to 345th Bombardment Squadron, 98th Bombardment Group (Heavy), 9th Air Force, was lost in Romania on 1 August 1943. His accounting was announced on 14 November 2019.
From Korea
CPL Jackey D. Blosser, US Army, assigned to D Company, 1st Battalion, 32nd Infantry Regiment, 7th Infantry Division, was lost in North Korea on 2 December 1950. His accounting was announced on 14 November 2019.

An interview with Tech. Sgt. Lower's sister here:

And on CPL Blosser:

Saturday, November 16, 2019

Carnac the Magnificent takes on that dead guy’s demise

I am not up on the copy and paste commands, so had to write what the posters said.

Answer: “Christmas, drywall and Jeffrey Epstein.”

Question: “Name three things that do not hang themselves.”

And: I really need to stop saying “How stupid can you be?” Some people are starting to take it as a personal challenge. (See “Democrat” in Political Dictionary.)

And 2: If your coffee order is more than four words, you are part of the problem. (My coffee order is one word. Then I answer any questions the waiteress person asks.)