Friday, April 26, 2019

Democrats looking for male candidate who isn’t

Why do rich queers back Democrats? Silly question, maybe, but there is an answer.

“Why are gays a favored identity group? What’s that old saw that can be applied to virtually any political mystery? How about, “Follow the money.” Think about something for a moment—what other Democrat identity group has so many members, largely white, who are tech or entertainment billionaires? Or influential movie stars? Or TV media personalities? Or creative directors in TV advertising? Do blacks or Hispanics have that kind of presence across those domains? Of course they don’t, which explains the phenomenal initial fundraising success of the first openly gay candidate to jump into the Democrats’ shark pond.

Easy answer. Queers tend to back candidates who demand we normals stop with our beliefs that queerness is unnatural, not to mention an abomination. Democrats believe queerness is normal. Democrats know queer tech billionaires and queer movie/TV people have influence and dollars. Therefore, Democrats like queers.
The column is about Beto O’Rourke and Pete Buttigieg, but also answers the question, Why are queers favored by Democrats. Money, money, money.

Let’s face it. None of the women Democratic candidates has a chance of being elected.

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Can we get a few more countries involved here?

Croatian court reduces sentence of Yugoslav found guilty by German court.

 That's the way things work in parts of Europe these days, Easterners at the beck and call of Westerners.

Cemetery for murdered Russian bandits

"This cemetery in Yekaterinburg is a final resting place for many local stars and war heroes. But one section of the cemetery surrounded by pine trees is special. It is full of huge granite grave-stones with giant realistic portraits of people – many of them wear leather jackets or expensive suits, have thick gold chains and tattoos, hold cigarettes or keys from a Mercedes… All of them belong to representatives of the criminal world murdered in the 1990s – early 2000s."

Russia has been a criminal enterprise since Tsarists times,  so the grave marker of any wealthy Russian could be said to be that of a bandit.

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Kill the squirrels, 1918 version

In Lassen County, “one girl brought in 3,780 tails; a boy brought in 3,770.”

Link at knuckledraggin.

‘Significant decline’ noted in USMC discipline (Not satire)

General notes, “We have allowed Marines and Sailors to walk around with long hair, nonexistent or poor shaves, unserviceable boots and utilities and improper civilian attire. There are weeds growing around our buildings and work spaces and trash everywhere but the dumpsters where it belongs.”

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Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Chain of command

In a brief critique
Of The War Novel,
A famous criticizer said:
"The soldier has such a limited conception
“Of his role in combat.”
I know this much:
Jesus was a soldier
And Barabbas a general,
But Judas only a politician.

A feel for the land

Snooze and Bull assigned Tom with Brando and Wizard late that afternoon when the platoon set up night defensive position near the top of a small hill. A north-south trail snaked across the western slope of the hill. The LT placed First Squad on the northern slope, across the trail and tying in with Second Squad forward and west of the trail. Third Squad dug in left of Second, positions arching south and east. Fourth Squad covered the eastern slope. Platoon Headquarters -- the LT, Sergeant Reid, platoon medic Doc Matthews and radio operators Steve Jennings and Darryl Bolton -- set up west of the trail, just below the hill crest and behind Second Squad.
          Snooze and Bull allowed Second Squad a short break before time to haul out E-tools and hack at the red dirt and dig foxholes for the night. Tom rested his M-16 against his right leg and unslung the SKS and both rucksacks, dropping the packs onto the ground. He sat down, then unbuckled his pistol belt and leaned against the larger ruck and took off his helmet. Wizard and Brando stood for a moment. Wizard held his M-60 machine gun angled across his chest. From the squad’s part of the perimeter, the hill sloped gently into a small valley. A narrow stream wound through the valley. Thick jungle surrounded the hill.
          Tom looked up at Wizard and Brando. “Sit down.” he said. “You’re making me tired.”
          Wizard continued staring at the grassy slope and the trees that began just short of the stream. “Got to get a feel for it,” he said quietly. “You got to feel the land.”
          Tom nodded. “I’ll buy that. You want me to stand up, get a feel for it?”
          Brando glanced down. “Whatever you want, Tom. Me and Wizard and everybody else’ll carry you one week. After that, you better know.”
          Tom blushed. He stood and stared the same direction as Wizard and Brando. “Are we looking for avenues of approach?”
          “We ain’t looking for anything,” Wizard said. “We’re getting a feel.”
          After a time, Wizard and Brando sat on the ground. Both lit cigarettes. Tom also sat. He took a canteen and drank three swallows of water.
          “How come you’re called Brando?” he asked while sliding the canteen back into its holder.
          Brando grinned. “My girl back home, her name’s Stella. You know, like in that Brando movie where he stands on the sidewalk and yells her name?”
          Tom nodded. “I know the one you’re talking about, but I never saw the movie. Only that one scene.”
          “Me neither,” Brando said.
          Wizard lay the machine gun across his thighs. “I saw it. Didn't make much sense. That dude, man he was a dumb fuck. No balls. He wanted the girl, how come he didn’t just go inside, tell her?”
          “Beats me,” Tom said.
          Brando snorted. “They wouldn’t have had much of a movie if he’d done that.”
          “Guess not,” Wizard said.    
          Bull walked up from the south. A cigarette hung from the left corner of his mouth. He grinned. “You ain’t got that hole dug yet?”
          Brando pointed with a thumb. “We’re waitin for Tom to get started.”
          Tom clambered to his knees and unsnapped the E-tool carrier attached to his ruck. “New guys get all the shit details, huh.”
          Brando grinned. “You learnin, Tom.”