Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A couple of thoughts while reading Paul Greenberg's column on expansion of the Arkansas lottery

Those who ignore Evil are not so much doomed to repeat it as not to recognize it when it makes an appearance. Or, this is the bravest of new worlds, where Evil does not exist.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Government stupids and cliche-spouting Malthusian from

Does it really matter where the first chili pepper was grown?

‘This information better equips us to develop genetic conservation programmes, increases the efficiency of breeding programmes and will be critically important as we work to deal with climate change and provide food for a rapidly increasing global population.’

(Oh, it’s about climate change and feeding the Malthusians. Carry on, cliché users.)

Here’s the proof of Russian interference!

Men with beards, wearing camouflage and ski masks, carrying rifles, photographed in Crimea and Ukraine!

State Department says pictures do not lie!

‘Police say they take complaints of anti-social behaviour very seriously’

Girls build stick house in woods, have picnic, told to leave by police.

Sleepy students; kid-stressed parents

Fairfax County Virginia teens don’t get enough sleep – less than six hours a night, when the scientific recommendation is nine hours. What to do, what to do.

The county school board might have an answer: Later school start times, 30 minutes or maybe an hour.

In defense of the proposal: Some kids get on school buses at 5:20 a.m. to get to school that starts at 7:20 a.m.

Both those times are way too early. The only reason kids should be up and about at 5:20 a.m. is to milk cows.

A couple of months ago, Arkansas school kids spent a lot of time at home because snow covered much of the state for days on end.

After snow melted and kids went back to school, the Little Rock School District announced counseling availability for parents who had become over stressed with their kids home for three and four days in a row.

Stressed parents should have gotten their kids up at 5:20 a.m. and sent them outside to build snow cows for pretend milking.

Obama jokes

A muslim, a socialist, and a communist walk into a bar.
The bartender says hello Mr. President.

Q: What does Barack Obama call illegal aliens?
A: Undocumented democrats.

And the funniest Obama joke of all (Drum roll, please): brrrrrrrrrrp:


(Search for 'obama jokes' gets lots of hits, but not much funny stuff.)

Monday, April 21, 2014

Excellent Sears service

A Sears service man came out this afternoon and replaced burned wires and belt on the mower and the dead battery.

Sears products are often so-so, but service is excellent.

'Is my momma dead yet?'

Priscilla and I drove to Texarkana Sunday and had Easter lunch with John. We were supposed to meet John at West Side Church of Christ, but people at the group home misunderstood advance voice communications and called the church and said the transportation van need not come by because we would get John before church. The CNA in charge Sunday was scheduled to take another resident to another church, so when we did not arrive, she arranged for John to attend services there.

All in all, everything worked out. John went to church, and he and we had lunch.

The CNA was helping two other residents from a car when Priscilla and I arrived. Those two men use wheel chairs to get around. One cannot stand.

John stood in the carport. Priscilla and I got out of our car.

John walked to Priscilla and asked, “Is my momma dead yet?”

Priscilla replied, “No, John. She might not die for another few weeks or months.”

John said, “She’s sick and she’s going to die.”

Priscilla said, “Yes, she is sick and she will die, but not just yet.”

We got in our car; John sat in the back passenger seat. After buckling his seat belt, he said, “When my momma dies, the funeral home will get her.”

“That’s right,” Priscilla said. “When she dies, I will call the funeral home and they’ll come get her.”

“They’ll put her in an ambulance,” John said. He sighed. “That’s a whole lot of miles to Little Rock.”

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Involuntarily executed

A friend emailed she often checks, probably not too seriously, since she and her husband live and work in Dallas, and neither is likely to up and quit and move to another area or, goodness gracious no, to another state.

I checked the site and found its “news” rather liberal; sort of like reading Editor and Publisher or Quill, the latter published by the Society of Professional Journalists/Sigma Delta Chi, to which I once belonged but allowed my membership to go away because of SPJ’s bias against all things conservative.

I looked at jobs even though I will not apply for any, not even the ones in Wyoming, Montana and other places west.

The newspaper in Le Mars, Iowa, advertised for a reporter. I looked up Le Mars, because I did not know where it is. Now I do.

Wikipedia lists John Spenkelink as a notable person from Le Mars. Spenkelink, Wikipedia said, was the “first person involuntarily executed in America after the re-introduction of the death penalty.”

“Involuntarily executed.” How many voluntary executions do we have?

Latest candidate for Stupidest Program on TV

Mountain Monsters. Got it all – Bigfoot, Wolfman, dumba$$ hillbilly wannabes, stupid dudes with guns, Bigfoot noises, “OMG! What was that?” Even, “We definitely located (whatever monster they were after), but we ran out of time and have to move to the next dumba$$ location.”

In the one (and last) I watched, these “researchers” are tromping through the woods at night, every damn one with a flashlight, camera lights, saying the monster is just up the next holler. And they are standing with guns pointed forward and the camera dude is in front of the muzzles!! HSOATB! (Holy S--- On A Toasted Bun)