Sunday, April 22, 2018

An unheralded ship

His Majesty’s Trawler Northern Wave was one of hundreds of ships that gained little mention from World War II service.

Built in September 1936, ironically in Germany, the Northern Wave spent six of its 27 years in the Royal Navy, escorting ships across the Atlantic and to Murmansk.

The Northern Wave was registered as a civilian trawler on 23 July 1936, but the fishing boat found itself a member of the Royal Navy in September, outfitted as an anti-submarine trawler. On 25 March 1940, in company with HMS Brontes, the Northern Wave picked up 25 survivors from the tanker Daghestan, which had been torpedoed by German submarine U57.

On 16 April 1942, the Northern Wave picked up 28 survivors of the steamer Empire Howard, torpedoed by U403. Survivors were landed at Polarmoe near Murmansk.

On 3 February 1943, the trawler picked up four survivors from the American steamer Greylock, torpedoed by U255.

Other rescues are here:

After the war, the Northern Wave was sold to Hull Ice Co. In October 1963, the fishing trawler, anti-submarine RN ship and again a trawler, was sold to Clayton &Davie Ltd. for breaking up.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

A town called Charlie

Charlie, Texas, is in Clay County, in way North Central Texas, not far south of Oklahoma.

“The community was called Big Wichita Valley in 1878, when Henry T. Dunn built a store just south of the Red River. Later Dunn sold the store to Charlie Taylor, and almost immediately the site became known as Charlie. For years the store was a popular trading post for county farmers and ranchers and some Indians from nearby Indian Territory (later Oklahoma). In 1882 a post office opened at the community. By the mid-1920s the population of Charlie surpassed 200. After the Great Depression and World War II, however, the community's population count declined. The Charlie post office closed sometime after 1930. From the early 1970s through 2000 the community's population was estimated at sixty-five.”

Here is a link to a few pictures:

A Facebook page ostensibly for Charlie lists some bands playing at the Silver Dollar Saloon, but it’s not in Charlie, Texas. A search shows what anybody knows – There are lots of places called Silver Dollar Saloon in several states.

Charlie does have Wicked Andy’s Insane Acres Haunted House. Maybe a town of 65 has things to be haunted about.

Some will always choose the right path

“The soldier is not so sacred as he once was. The journalist and the judge have taken his place. The actors sneer from their theaters. The politicians gobble their free food and babble of peace. Musicians sing shrilly of flowers in gun barrels and doves everywhere. But the soldier still stands where he must. The borders have shrunk. The old victories have been exchanged for diplomatic defeats. From the old strongholds come missiles and rockets. And children hide in bomb shelters waiting for the worst to pass. This is the doing of the journalist and the judge, the politician and the actor, the lions of literature who send autographed copies of their books to imprisoned terrorists and the grandchildren of great men who hire themselves on in service to the enemy.”

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Friday, April 20, 2018

California declares state of emergency

Earthquakes? Mudslides? Wild fires?

Nope. Nutria. That’s right. The 20-pound rodents from South America have invaded California. Wildlife experts say the hairy beasties can be destructive.

“The big concern is that the rodents start destroying wetlands in the Delta and dig burrows that can weaken levees, roads and flood control projects.”

One problem with nutria: “(I)t can difficult to tell the difference between nutria and non-threatening animals like beavers, otters and muskrats.” Or, the animal trapped bears a resemblance to the wanted animal.

But the state has an answer. “We have wildlife biologists, PhDs out there trying to understand and identify them. It’s been challenging,” said (wildlife official Peter) Tira.”

Ah. California has PhDs hunting nutria.

California is not alone in facing unwanted rodents.

“Louisiana has also battled a much larger nutria invasion. But as to how the rodents ended up in California, nobody is quite sure.”

(1). Maybe California could ask Cajuns for nutria recipes.

(2) Maybe the nutria read about California being a sanctuary state.

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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Dogs were in the Americas at least 10,000 years ago

"A trio of dogs buried at two ancient human sites in Illinois lived around 10,000 years ago, making them the oldest known domesticated canines in the Americas.

"Radiocarbon dating of the dogs’ bones shows they were 1,500 years older than thought, zooarchaeologist Angela Perri said April 13 at the annual meeting of the Society for American Archaeology. The previous age estimate was based on a radiocarbon analysis of burned wood found in one of the animals’ graves. Until now, nearly 9,300-year-old remains of dogs eaten by humans at a Texas site were the oldest physical evidence of American canines."

Action/consequence, action/consequence

It is amazing when people who know better do stupid, really stupid things.

As when an Air National Guard colonel gives the oath of re-enlistment to an NCO who uses a hand puppet. And the NCO who for some reason decided to demean the ceremony.

Absolutely stupid.

“The Tennessee Air National Guard colonel who led a re-enlistment ceremony in which a senior noncommissioned officer recited her oath using a dinosaur puppet has been demoted and retired.

“Army Maj. Gen. Terry Haston, the adjutant general for the Tennessee National Guard, also announced in a Facebook post Wednesday that Master Sgt. Robin Brown, the SNCO whose videotaped re-enlistment ceremony created a firestorm online, has been removed from her full-time job with the Tennessee Joint Public Affairs Office and is facing other administrative actions.

“Haston also said that another Tennessee Air National Guardsman — an unidentified SNCO who videotaped the event ? has been removed from his job as unit first sergeant and has been reprimanded. That SNCO will stay in the Guard.”

Demoted and retired.

Demotion should also be punishment handed down to the master sergeant, as well as loss of her fulltime job. Demoted and fired.

From comments at site: “my first reenlistment while still serving on AD was in Camp Victory, Iraq in 2004. i had pestered my 1st sgt because i was 3 days away from ets and didn’t want to have my pay stopped because i went over. i finally get called in to the CO trailer tells me to sign here and points to a paperwork i sign and BOOM a mortar hits some where on the FOB and the siren goes off. nowi am crammed in the cement culvert that passed as a bunker for us along with 8 other troops and the CO, he had me raise my right hand and recite the oath…. bets damn reenlistment ever!”

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

We’re Progressive, so let’s ban books we don’t like

“(T)he California State Assembly is set to vote on a bill that would actually — among other things — ban the sale of books expressing orthodox Christian beliefs about sexual morality.”

Here’s what Progressives do not know:

“Christians find their identity in Christ, not in their gender and not in their sexual orientation.”

But: “The state of California says no. Your gender and your orientation are your identity, and you should engage in actions that celebrate and ratify your alleged essence. The state is creating a new religion of sexual libertinism, declaring that religions opposing it aren’t just false but harmful, and then prohibiting contrary religious exercise.”

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We non-Californians are waiting for the earthquake.