Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Headlines in today's Little Rock paper

‘Northside girls rebuilt, revived’ Is that ‘rebuilt’ like RoboCop? Did the rebuilding require CPR? In A Flag for San Francisco, the Giants’ 1961 season, sportswriter Charles Einstein said sports pages often had headlines that could start wars, if applied in political or diplomatic news, as in ‘Dutch beat US girls.’ There is the famous ‘Smith High wins ugly girl’s basketball game.’ And one from a newspaper where I worked: ‘North Lamar girls come out on top.’ North Lamar girls weren’t ugly like the Smith High girls. Another from today’s paper: ‘Previous bowl stabs hung up by Hogs.’ You get ‘stabs,’ ‘hung up’ and ‘Hogs’ in the same line, it sounds like PETA should get a call.

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