Thursday, July 5, 2012

Saying 'No' to the Sierra Club

The Sierra Club sent a letter telling me I should sign and return a petition to Rep. John Boehner and one to Sen. Harry Reid “urging the Speaker of the House and the Senate Majority Leader to protect the Endangered Species Act from attempts by anti-wildlife extremists to destroy this critical conservation legislation.”

Paraphrased now:

“And, oh, by the way, we have enclosed a membership application, and for sending only $15, you will receive an 1892 backpack. Or, you may decline the backpack and save the Club $15 or more.”

“And, as another by the way, check this box or we will make your address available to other worthy organizations.”

I am almost tempted to pay $15 and not check the box, so I can find out which other organizations the Sierra Club considers “worthy.” But I am not much tempted. Receiving mail from PETA and ELF might be interesting, but not to the extent of giving away personal information.

Also, I will not check the box beside “YES, I have signed the attached petitions …” because of the hysterical nature of the harangue. “(A)nti-wildlife extremists”? Who are those?

Perhaps Sierra Club members believe there are members of Congress or industry who say each morning upon waking, “Gee, which wildlife should I destroy today?”

Maybe there is an Extremists’ Anti-Wildlife Club. I am not aware of one, but if it did exist, its existence would be all over the internet.

Another reason for not signing is the implied threat to Rep. Boehner. “I urge you to remember that the overwhelming majority of Americans support efforts to protect endangered wildlife, and we will not sit idly by while vital protections granted under the Endangered Species Act are dismantled or underfunded.”

Wait a minute. I thought I was supposed to stop those anti-wildlife extremists from killing off all the wolves, turtles, salmon and etc. in the United States. But now I am protesting any underfunding of “vital protections?”

It is worth noting, but not surprising, that the petition to Sen. Reid does not include the same threat – “we will not sit idly by …” Could that be because Sen. Reid is a Democrat and, therefore, supports the Club’s entire agenda? Nah.

I will send this column to the Sierra Club as explanation of NO, I have not and will not sign and return the petitions.

The Sierra Club included a postage paid envelope, but I will put a first-class stamp on it anyway. The Club wants to pay postage on my $15 or $100 membership. It would be dishonest for me to use the Club’s 45 cents to tell them what I think.

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