Thursday, December 19, 2013

A gift from a thief

Last week Mr. Douglas Ramsey of the United States Investigative Unit was kind enough to send a one-yuan note to Mrs. R., my mother-in-law.

The United States Investigative Unit is one of the dozens of political lobbyist organizations that has been after Mrs. R.’s Social Security and Teacher Retirement System money for the last three years. Given the number of letters Mr. Ramsey sends each week (two to four), Mrs. R. probably gave a few hundred or more dollars to United States Investigative Unit at some time. Mrs. R. believes that organizations with “United States” in their title are governmental agencies. That is why she gave at least $4,000 to the United States Health Congress, which is headed by former Arizona State Sen. Lori Klein.

Mrs. R. also believes the National Retirement Security Task Force is part of the federal government.

In a letter with the one-yuan note, Mr. Ramsey said “it pains my heart” to send Chinese money. He implicated that Americans should get used to seeing Chinese money, because, after all, the government of China owns us, and one day our currency will carry pictures of Mao Zedong. Goodbye Washington, Lincoln and Jackson; hello, Mao.

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