Thursday, June 19, 2014

For the futurists among us

“At the present time, the administration is demonstrating imperial ambitions toward the very nation it governs. An overweening executive branch appears intent on reducing the states to the equivalent of satrapies and Congress to a useless nonentity. Executive orders and unelected bureaucratic organizations such as the EPA, the NSA and the IRS -- among others -- are used to rule and to subdue opposition. The rapid militarization of bureaucratic entities -- even the USDA is taking up arms -- also augers ill for American citizens.

“Perhaps even more dangerous is the fact the administration is attempting to erase state/national borders by encouragement of runaway immigration that essentially amounts to an invasion. There is contempt not only for individual states such as Texas, but for national sovereignty itself. A nation without clear and defensible borders is no nation at all.

“Meanwhile, the rapid and draconian reduction of U.S. military power leaves the nation vulnerable to strikes from hostile powers. President Obama is making the Franklin Roosevelt error of the 1930s by reducing military strength in order to pay for entitlements. But this time, due to nuclear missiles, there will be no grace period to make up the military gap should a power bent on expanding empire attack the U.S. as Japan did in 1941 when it bombed the U.S. fleet at Pearl Harbor.

“In brief, while the rest of the world is empire building, the U.S. is contracting its global power even while this pestilential administration is conducting empire building by executive fiat within the homeland.

“The vacuum left by the rapid diminution of American power encourages destruction of national boundaries by entities with expansionist ambitions, aggressive natures, old grievances and dreams of restoration of former lands.”

(There is much more, on once-defeated empires rising from the swamps and deserts and steppes, of the decline of the West.)

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