Friday, December 16, 2016

Hemingway House, Key West, Florida

Nice place, well-equipped for its time. Pictures of Hemingway, with Ingrid Bergman, with a Cuban in October 1960, on his boat Pilar.

There were no pictures of Hemingway with a dead lion or big horn sheep or elk, or any other animal he was known to have killed on safari or hunting trip. No safari pictures at all, and only one of Hemingway with a big marlin.

Several years ago I saw a short film of Hemingway on safari – Hemingway and his gun bearer at the right-hand side, a black-maned lion charging in a full-out run, intent on killing Hemingway and the gun bearer. Hemingway tracked the lion, shot it at around 20 feet. The lion rolled over, dying close enough Hemingway leaned forward and put a just-in-case bullet into it.

Now that would have been a good thing to show to tourists.

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