Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Stuff I’m getting tired of

I don’t know when it started. The earliest I remember was on Law and Order, when mean old Arthur Branch fired Serena Southerlyn, and Southerlyn’s first remark was: “Is it because I’m lesbian?”

What? What? Where did this come from?

See, the LGBQT-backers just drop that kind of thing on you. There is no previous indication of sodomite activity; just a sudden announcement.

And on Wheel of Fortune – yes, America’s game – when a woman contestant says she has been married for (__) years “to my lovely wife,” or a man contestant says he is married to “my wonderful husband.”

Last week on America’s Game, a contestant gave her job description as “erotic poet” and said she and her “wife” performed at women’s meetings and conventions.

Then, on NCIS New Orleans, two women FBI agents were in conversation, and one said, “Isn’t that why we broke up?”

What? Where did that come from? Again, no previous indication of sodomite activity, but writers/producers suddenly decide: “Hey – Let’s make a character lesbian! We don’t have one on the show. Everybody else has one.”

I guess I’ll just shuffle off to that Old Man Room, the one in my mind, where everybody is straight.

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