Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Oklahoma, Alley Oop and Stone Age archaeology

Dallas Frazier was born in Spiro, Okla. His parents moved to Bakersfield, Calif. Lots of Okie offspring in Bakersfield – Buck Owens, Merle Haggard – and a genre of music known as “the Bakersfield sound.” Frazier wrote “Alley Oop,” one of the best rock-era songs of pre-Beatles times. “Alley Oop” was recorded by studio musicians. Here is a link, if you are in the mood for silly, yet somehow meaningful, music.

Spiro is also near Spiro Mounds, one of North America’s most important archaeological sites, so Wikipedia says. It is the westernmost border of the Mississippian Culture.

Hmm. Boy born near Stone Age community later writes song about a Stone Age dude. Coincidence?

He shore is hip, ain’t he.

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