Sunday, January 1, 2017

Searching ‘Obamacare success stories’

But didn’t find any. The Facebook site is nothing but fear and despair pieces about how Trump and Republicans intend to end health care for 12 million Americans. Or maybe 12 million residents of the United States.

If you go to, the first thing that pops up is “How to enroll in Obama Care.” Then there are stories (reportedly from users), a few good, some not so good.

Then there is http:// same as the Facebook site. has “a Huge and Undercovered Obamacare Success Story,” which I thought would be a “This is what happened to me” type thing, but wasn’t. Just numbers and opinion.

And then there is this: “Health insurance amounts to a guess about how much customers’ health care is going to cost in the long run, and in many states Obamacare health insurers guessed wrong.”

(The quote comes a little after blaming “Republican saboteurs” protecting insurance companies, so …)

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