Monday, January 30, 2017

Like the nattering nabobs of TV news, everyday leftists talk only to each other

Watch TV news programs and you will see and hear the same people saying the same things to the same people, over and over. Leftist Progressives are the same. What you and I think, does not matter, because they are not talking to us.

So says the Z Man, and so it is.

“Their lunacy is not directed at the rest of us. They don’t care what you or anyone else thinks about what’s happening. Their public acts are about signaling to the rest of the believers. By holding protests and making fools of themselves in a public way, they are providing support for one another as they work through the disconfirmation. Like herd animals, they are huddling together in the face if danger. It is pure instinct.

“If they were left to sit alone at home, they would have no one around to help them through their doubts. These are people whose entire sense of self is dependent on the identity of the group, so getting out and ‘making their voices heard’ lets them focus on something other than the disconfirmation.” – The great disconfirmation.

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