Monday, January 16, 2017

Dannebrog, Nebraska

In 1871, a group of Danes living in Milwaukee decided to move south. To Howard County Nebraska. These new Americans decided to call their new home Flag of Denmark – Dannebrog.

Dannebrog reached its highest population in the 1920 census – 436 residents. By 1930, the population had dropped to 427. It has not neared the 1920 number since. The 2010 census showed 303 people, a drop of 49 since 2000.

Dannebrog has Columbia Hall, built in 1908 by the Danish Brotherhood of America as a meeting place for the Danish community. The hall is now a tourist center and has archives on Danish-American history.

Figures from 2010 show the town as 91.7% white. The average age was 42.5. Of the 303 people, 52.5% were men and 47.5% were women.

2000 census numbers showed 9.7% of total population living below the poverty line.

A while back, about 30 acres were offered for sale near Dannebrog. The asking price was $225,000. By Old Math, that is $7,500 an acre. Photos showed some trees, some corn fields, some grass and a few round bales. No house or barn or tractor shed.

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