Monday, January 2, 2017

Take out the papers and the trash

When preparing a trash bag for removal from a trash receptacle, I tie the plastic ties with two granny knots to make sure the trash inside the bag will not fall out.

Apparently, I have been Doing It All Wrong.

My wife, upon seeing me tie the first granny knot: Don’t tie it like that. (She grasped the two plastic ties and lifted the sack from the can.) Do it like this.

Me: It’s not tied at all.

Wife: No, but this way if we need to put more trash in, we won’t have to bother with trying to untie those tight knots.

Me: Why would we want to put more trash in?

Wife: Because we might see something that needs to go in the trash.

Me: If it’s full, we can’t get any more trash in it. And if it’s not full, why am I taking it out?

Wife: It’s full enough.

Some things aren’t worth getting into an argument.

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