Sunday, January 8, 2017

‘US intel report …’ Am I on the comics page?

“U.S. intelligence officials confirmed in a declassified report that a Kremlin-controlled media outlet ran programming critical of hydraulic fracturing to ward off challenges to Russia’s energy empire.

“Officials reported that RT, which they call the ‘Kremlin’s principal international propaganda outlet,’ ran ‘anti-fracking programming, highlighting environmental issues and the impacts on public health.’”

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My gosh, we have oil “industry experts,” intelligence “officials” and environmental wackos on the same side? Well, they can’t all be wrong, so it’s obvious the Russians are … doing something.

RT TV was a daily check at my Arkansas residence, but Spectrum in Florida doesn’t have that network. RT, like Russia Insider is flagrant propaganda and anyone watching or reading has to understand that. It’s not like watching CNN, the world’s most trusted news network. (Sarcasm.)

These days, any mention of “intelligence officials” activates my BS meter, as does “climate experts” or “Middle East experts,” or almost any other “expert.” Politicians claim to believe and respect intelligence experts – when the experts agree with politicians’ opinions.

Check everything!

-- Former Military Intelligence Analyst (That would be this blog writer.)

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