Monday, January 9, 2017

Some things simply are not measurable or definable

“Physics works under a very clear framework. In order to determine the time evolution of a system, we need to state its initial conditions, the state of the system at time zero. This implies knowledge of the system at the beginning, something we obtain through measurement. In cosmology, that becomes impossible. We may restrict the initial conditions and the values of the fundamental constants given what we know about the universe today, but we can’t be sure that our conclusions are in any way final. The clues we gather today about the universe’s distant past can only give us a fragmented picture of what happened. The multiverse only pushes the issue of initial conditions to a higher level, without solving it.”

Mr. Marcelo Gleiser says string theory was to bring forth The Formula that would Explain Everything. Alas, first experiments on the European super-collider brought questions about the mere existence of the string makeup. Instead of one-universe-fits-all answer, “Physicists were shocked to find, instead of a single solution, a huge number of solutions—by some estimates, a 1 followed by 500 zeros, each a different twist in the extra-dimensional space, each generating a different universe.”

Mr. Gleiser mentions “First Cause” as a start point of existence. There was Nothing, then there was Everything. Physicists do not talk about the possibility of This Is The Way It Has Always Been. Not in public, anyway.

Nimrod’s theory was, “If we pile enough stones atop each other, we can reach heaven.” That didn’t work so well, either, although Scientific Consensus of the time said, "Of course!"

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