Monday, February 27, 2017

Hey, let’s go rob that dude in a police uniform

Or, One removed from gene pool.

“One man is dead after an officer-involved shooting Friday evening in Little Rock (AR).

“Little Rock Police Chief Kenton Buckner said that a uniformed off-duty Little Rock officer in an unmarked car was approached by at least three people trying to rob the officer.

“Buckner says there was an exchange of gunfire between the suspects and the officer. One witness described the suspect vehicle pull up behind the police car and at least one suspect ran up to the car when the gunfire erupted.

“At least one suspect was shot and killed in the parking lot. The police officer was not injured. Two other suspects have reportedly been captured.

“The officer was working security at a business when the attempted robbery occurred.”

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(I don't like that "officer-involved shooting." The way most news organizations use the term, it always seems to place blame on the police.)

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