Saturday, February 11, 2017

St. Francis – smaller and smaller

St. Francis, Ark., is in Clay County, way up in northeast Arkansas and smack against Missouri.

In 2001, the city’s population was 250. In 1920, 501 people lived in St. Francis. Population declined just about each decade, reaching a low of 201 in 1990.

Racial makeup of the city is about 97% white, a little more than 1% native American, and 2% of two or more federally-recognized ethnicities. Living below the federal-defined poverty level are about 17% of families, 20% of the overall population, 25% of those younger than 18, and 38% of those 65 and older.

About two miles upriver of St. Francis is the ghost town of Chalk Bluff. The town was destroyed during the Civil War. says St. Francis’ population is 55.4% women and 44.6% men. Median house value is $61,433, with Arkansas’ median $120,700.

Historical tornado activity is near the state average, or 90% above average for the United States. Historical earthquake activity is also near state average, or 72% smaller than U.S. average, even though the New Madrid fault is not far away.

Percentage of households with unmarried partners is a full 1% above state average, but with a small population, percentages sometimes don’t mean so much.

In the latest presidential election, 73% of the votes went to Donald J. Trump, 23% to Hillary R. Clinton, and 4% to “other.”

There’s a lot more information here:

Some of it doesn’t mean much.

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