Thursday, February 9, 2017

Milfay, Oklahoma, where almost 15% of the population is not from around there

Milfay is an unincorporated community in Creek County. Creek County is northeast of Oklahoma City and southwest of Tulsa, just a little nearer Tulsa. The 2010 census counted of 69,967 people in Creek County.

Milfay got a post office in 1911. Its Zip Code is 74046. Other nearby small places include Ritts Junction, Gypsy, Iron Post and Micawber. Wikipedia and Podunk both say Milfay was named after two railroad officials, Charles Mills and Edward Fay.

Bestplaces says Milfay’s population is 138, up 23 from the 2000 census. By count, 82.6% of the population is white, 2.9% native American, while 0% are Hispanic, Asian, African-American, Asian or of two or more races. That means 14.5% are of non-Earth origin, since all Federal ethnic and racial designations were used in determining origin. Somebody should look into that.

Bestplaces also says:

Women outnumber men 55% to 45%. Hey, that equals 100%!

The largest single age grouping is 45-54, almost 24%.

Here are some numbers that might be questioned:

Married: 42.16%; single, 57.84%.

Never married: 28.43%. Divorced, 25.53%.

Married, with children: 0%; single, with children, 44.12%; single, no children, 0%.

Three years ago a natural gas pipeline exploded out in the middle of nowhere.

Here are pictures from near Milfay, including some of overgrown US 66.

Milfay was where Ben Hawkins joined up with Carnivale. That might explain why almost 15% of the population does not fit in any federally-recognized ethnic group.

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