Sunday, March 12, 2017

About that federal money my office sent you …

“Obama's Federal Transit Administration chief Carolyn Flowers approved a federal grant for the electrification project two days before President Obama left office. She is now employed by a contractor for the Caltrain project.”

And: The Transbay Transit Center (train station) is scheduled to open this year. Backers of high-speed rail hope trains will one day arrive at the station. Until then, the three-block-long “dynamic hub” will be “little more than the world's most expensive bus station -- serving mainly the 14,000 transbay bus commuters who roll in and out daily on AC Transit.”

‘If you build a train station, will trains come?’

Yeah, it’s easy to poke fun when dollars in the hundreds of millions are spent in order to make something that will be too expensive to tear up when it isn’t finished or becomes too expensive for construction to continue, especially when the something is in California and my only investment is a few tax pennies. But, the project has something for everybody, except maybe opposing farmers and small business owners mentioned in the column. Nobody really knows what the “something” is for everybody, because politicians and builders are doing most of the talking.

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