Friday, March 24, 2017

Free science from the shackles of straight white people!

March for Science (April 22):

“Jacquelyn Gill, a biology and ecology professor at the University of Maine, told STAT that she quit the organizing committee in recent weeks because of leaders’ resistance to aggressively addressing inequalities — including race and gender. . .”

“In another (corner) are those who argue that the march should also bring attention to broader challenges scientists face, including issues of racial diversity in science, women’s equality, and immigration policy. . .”

All the infighting does not take away from aversion to common enemies: “(M)ore than 400 cities worldwide will host simultaneous events on April 22 to repudiate science policies of the new White House and Congress.”

And (always) a Tweet: “Science without intersectional feminism is white supremacy.”

All the principles from which science sprang, fully grown, like The Birth of Venus, somehow came about with no input from LGBT women or LGBT men, or anyone from other sexual choice/gender determination.

Oh, but had all the rules of physics, chemistry, math and other real sciences been developed by homosexual women or homosexual men or in-betweens or neithers, then the world be a place where all is peace and joy and love, where the soul of man never dies. Oh. Strike that last phrase. It exemplifies belief in something not scientifically proven.

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