Friday, August 4, 2017

CNN made up story on Russia giving arms to Taliban

CNN’s excuse: But the Taliban told us they got the guns from Russia. Why would they lie?

Uh, maybe the Taliban watch CNN?

CNN claimed that “two separate groups of Taliban fighters have received ‘improved weaponry … that appears to have been supplied by the Russian government.’”

“Improved weaponry?” Ah, no.

“’I’ve watched the video and frankly can’t see anything that is particularly unusual,’ James Bevan, a weapons specialist, and director of Conflict Armament Research Ltd, told Task & Purpose in an email. ‘There are Russian weapons, and derivatives of those weapons manufactured in other states, circulating among state and non-state groups in every country in that region.’”

CNN admits “that the videos presented as ‘suggesting’ a link between the Taliban and Moscow ‘don’t provide incontrovertible proof of the trade.’”

The most trusted name in propaganda.

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