Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Somebody is always looking to make money after a storm

We had quite a bit of rain a week ago when Tropical Storm Emily made landfall at Anna Maria Island, a few miles up the coast. Growing up in Texas, my wife and I saw a bunch of thunderstorms every year, so heavy rainfall was nothing new.

What was new to us was receipt of a card from Florida Water Analysis, out of Winter Haven. This company, through its altruistic benevolence, warns me that because of “flooding, contaminated runoff, and water main breaks, it is recommended you have a water quality inspection as soon as possible.”

The Florida Attorney General’s office says: “Fraudulent sellers that advertise ‘free home water testing’ may only be interested in selling you their water treatment device, whether you need it, or not.”

Well, golly, Florida Water Analysis wanted to test my water for free. Do I think the “free” offer might be a scam?

At least one Florida resident is dissatisfied with FWA, stating he is “stuck with a reverse osmosis system costing me 1,700 PLUS interest!!!” (I guess that means FWA was happy to fund his purchase of their system, plus a bunch of bucks carrying charge and administrative costs.)

Another: “Heads up on this company, they are probably ripping off people for as long as they have been in business. This company is a scam.”

The company’s response: “It is very difficult to please everyone. We try, but in the end, you will find some folks just are unhappy with everything you do.”

That site states it has had 11 reviews of FWA, with $4.8K claimed losses, one company response and 0 issues resolved.

And that response from FWA – you can’t please everybody? Come on. That’s a loser response. That shows you don’t have a defense.

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