Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Any organization whose letter for donations starts this way isn’t honest

“In Iraq, shrapnel ripped through Jeremy’s eye and into his brain, blinding him for life!

“Pain beyond words … seven hours of brain surgery … coma … learning to live in a world of darkness, seizures, and pain. This was what awaited Jeremy Feldbusch when he came home. It was agony, and it never got much easier.

“I write to you in this time of war because heroes like Jeremy need your help as they come home – injured and sick – from the current conflicts.”

The entire letter is two pages, so I won’t transcribe the whole thing. Let’s just say it is two pages of suck.

A little checking shows the non-profit pays out to programs between 62% and 65% of cash donated. An A+ rating would be 80% or more.

Officer salaries for FY2009 totaled $700,301, with FY2010 salaries at 1.02 million. The executive director makes around $340,000.

What kind of pi$$es me off, too, is that “current conflicts” business.

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