Saturday, June 17, 2017

70 million people, or maybe 75 million

A few years back the Occupy Wall Street movement took a lot of news attention, with marches and camp pitching in parks and leaving trash all over the landscape.

The purpose of the march was to give unemployed college students … Excuse me. The purpose of the march was to show income inequality and how rich Americans were ruining the planet because they were rich and spending their money on things other than what the unemployed college students decided were the right things to spend money on.

The talk then was of the 1 percenters, those people who (reportedly and allegedly) control of have in their pockets 97 percent of the world’s wealth. The unemployed college students never differentiated between “wealth” and “money,” but they were Progressives, who don’t have to define anything, but simply throw out words and phrases, making the world a better place.

So. One percent of the people control 97 percent of the world’s wealth. Oh, the horror! Especially since all those obscenely rich people have offices on Wall Street in New York City and are American.

So what is 1 percent, other than 1 of 100? Glad you asked.

The Population of Earth right now is somewhere between 7 billion and 7.5 billion.

1 percent of that equals 70 million to 75 million.

So, 70 million or 75 million people control 97 percent of the world’s wealth. That doesn’t seem as bad as 1 percent, does it?

Still, though, the obscenely wealthy are American, right?

Here are the wealthiest people in the world as of December 2016:

Steve Ballmer – US.
Jorge Paulo Lemann – Brazil.
Li-Ka Shing – Hong Kong.
Sheldon Adelson – US.
John Mars – US.
Jacqueline Mars – US.
Wang Jianlin – China.
Jack Ma – China.
Lillian Bettencourt – France.
Alice Walton – US.
Jim Walton – US.
Rob Walton – US.
Bernard Arnault – France.
Sergey Brin – Russia/US.
Larry Page – US.
Ingvar Kamprad – Sweden.
Larry Ellison – US.
Carlos Slim – Mexico.
Mark Zuckerberg – US.
David Koch – US.
Charles Koch – US.
Jeff Bezos – US.
Amancio Ortega – Spain.
Warren Buffett – US.
Bill Gates – US.

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