Saturday, June 10, 2017

Postal Code 71703

Zamozhne, Ukraine. Population – 678.

Zamozhne is on highway T0229, in the western part of the Vinnytsia Oblast. The oblast was created in 1932, from eight Ukraine districts. “During the World War II the territory of oblast was split between General District Shitomir (Reichskommissariat Ukraine) and Transnistria Governorate (Kingdom of Romania). In October 1941, a camp was established by the Romanians on the Vapniarka site where many Jews were detained in very bad conditions.” The Wikipedia entry does not define “very bad conditions.”

“As of 1 January 1997 in the oblast there were functioning 749 collective agricultural enterprises, 56 state farms of all systems, 25 inter farm agricultural enterprises, and 818 private (peasant's) farms.

“Agricultural enterprises of all forms of ownership are primarily specialized in growing of cereal crops and sugar beets, the animal husbandry, meat and milk production. In the overall structure of sown areas, winter wheat crops occupy 18%, barley 14% and sugar beets 10%.

“In 1996 the oblast produced 7% of grain, 14.3% of sugar beets, 7.5% of fruits and berries, 6.1% of meat in live weight, 5.4% of milk and 4.0% of eggs of their total production in Ukraine.”

Not bad total production figures.

Here is a satellite image of Zamozhne:,27.7228193,994m/data=!3m1!1e3

As with many other aerial images of Ukraine and Russia, the pictures are blurred. Hiding what, one wonders.

Kherson Oblast, north of the Crimea, also has a Zamozhne village. Ukraine soldiers have come under mortar attack near the southern village.

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