Thursday, June 29, 2017

His teachers must be so proud

I’m guessing this is from a blog about some sort of something-con, from a Stephen David Thomas.

“STOP COMPLAINING YOU UNGRATEFUL PEOPLE! its always busy dont like it dont go? One pearon hurt them self due to a cosplayer messing around hes a douche not everyone else yes the ques are long but its popular! What you expect a red carpet and no one to be there? Yes the security where harsh but they were under orders like every other member of staff! Geez stop complaining and start being grateful for the work the staff do to make the event it is today!

“Yours faithfully a grateful assassin!

“As for the guy who fell in the water its because he was being an idiot!”

COMMENT: Put ‘em behind a wall and put in another brick, cause we don’t need no edjucayshun.

There was a link to the site, but ye bloggo decided to protect you from the idiots.

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