Tuesday, June 20, 2017

So this car ... You'll have to read it to believe it

And there's no guarantee of belief even then.

In Chico, Calif., a car strayed from its lane and hit the curb, then left the roadway altogether and collided with a power pole and a metal fence. “The vehicle then drove through a private lot where it collided with multiple camper shells.” (The “vehicle drove?” Was it self-driving? No.)

All that should have been enough, but, no. The Muse of Bad Driving had more in store for the driver, Haley Davis, 25.

After leaving carcasses of camper shells in its wake, the car came to rest partially on railroad tracks. The car then caught fire.

That’s right – The car started burning. And Davis was not able to get out before a Union Pacific train came along and hit her car. She was ejected.

A cynic might say, “Beer, whiskey or drugs?” Police have not ruled out any of those.

And – “The cause of the crash is still under investigation.”

Ms. Davis is at a hospital.


Link at fark.com.

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