Thursday, June 29, 2017

You’ll find Freedom in Oklahoma

As much freedom as The People demand and vote for, anyway.

If you are looking for the town of Freedom, it's in Woods County, in the northwest part of Oklahoma, a couple of counties before the Oklahoma Panhandle.

Hometown Locator ranks Freedom as No. 502 in terms of population (499 for Zip Code 73842 as of July 1, 2016), but No. 95 in per capita income ($34,297) and No. 92 in median household income ($61,016).

Kansas is a few miles north of Freedom. Or, if you’re looking to make a funny – You’ll find Freedom a few miles south of Kansas. Some towns not too far away and still in Oklahoma include Buffalo, Gate, Laverne and May. Appropriately, streets in Freedom include Saddlehorn Drive, Lasso Lane, Dusty Trail, Sand Burr Lane and Tumbleweed Lane. Somebody had a sense of humor.

Rhodes Park, just off Cimarron Pass, has a rodeo arena.

Wikipedia says Freedom’s 2010 population was 289 – 96% white. Eight miles west of Freedom, Cargill has an evaporative salt works. Freedom State Bank started business in 1919 and stayed around until Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. regulators shut it down in June 2014. The bank, investigators said, was “critically undercapitalized” and its capital position was “rapidly deteriorating.” I think that means the bank was running out of money. The bank reopened as a branch of Alva State Bank and Trust.

Area attractions include Alabaster Caverns State Park six miles south and the annual “Freedom Open Rodeo and Cowhand Reunion," which started in 1938.

A search for “Freedom Oklahoma” brings links to queer-support sites. They just can’t leave us alone.

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