Friday, August 24, 2012

So the kids do juvenile things and the administration gets involved

and things get even more stupid really fast.

“ANAHEIM HILLS – Canyon High School will eliminate ‘Señores and Señoritas Day,’ an event where students were encouraged to don Latino-themed attire, after several students this spring arrived to campus dressed as gang members, gardeners, border patrol agents and pregnant teens.

“Orange Unified officials have announced they will also require the school's administrators and staff to take sensitivity training, and vow to better review student activities to ensure they aren't culturally insensitive.”

What they’re going to do is, the school will have an "’International Week,’ an activity to focus on the appreciation of different cultures, including discussions in history classes.” Before celebration of “International Week,” though, the school will “add a vetting process whereby each activity is reviewed to determine what might go wrong or whom it might offend.”

“(W)hat might go wrong or whom it might offend.”

No vetting necessary. Answers: (1) Everything; (2) Everyone.

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