Thursday, August 30, 2012

Would you people make up your minds?

‘Restricted-Calorie Diet May Not Lead to Longevity’

In a 20-something-year study, “NIA monkeys fed a calorie-restricted diet didn't live any longer than monkeys on a higher-calorie diet. No matter what they ate, maximum lifespan seems to hover around 40 years of age. Half the monkeys that began the study as youngsters were still alive, but the researchers say, based on survival patterns, they predict the remaining calorie-restrictors and controls will all live to be about the same age.”

But wait!

“These latest findings are at odds with the WNPRC study in which calorie-restricted monkeys have far outlived the controls.”

(Since the 1970s, we were told we pretty much would have a heart attack and die if we looked at a whole egg. Gazing at a egg yolk would cause arteries to immediately close up, shutting off all blood flow. Then in the late 1990s, researchers decided one whole egg a day was part of a healthy diet. So now restricting calories doesn’t matter/yes it does matter. Researchers/studies and etc. say so.

(Here's something for researchers to consider: We don't believe anything you say, unless it fits what we believe. Just as researchers find results grant-payers want, so we decide what to believe.)

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