Thursday, June 6, 2013

The thieving bastards surprised me

The thieving bastards after my mother-in-law’s money have not changed focus from the tyranny of Obama to the tyranny of the IRS.

I am surprised. When IRS foot-dragging and illegal requests to some non-profits became public knowledge, I thought the thieving bastard groups would ask for money to fight the tax collectors.

But if this last week’s mail is an indication, the focus is the same – fear, duplicity and intimidation in alleged attempts at overturning Obama legislation.

Only eight letters arrived Wednesday.

• Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) sent petitions for signature and return, the petitions “to Reverse Roe v. Wade” for delivery to Arkansas Senators Mark Pryor and John Boozman, Rep. Tim Griffin, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnel and House Majority Leader John Boehner. Sen. Rand also asked for a “sacrificial contribution” of money or “whatever you can afford” to National Pro-Life Alliance in Annadale, Va. I am considering sending a goat.

• Rep. Kerry Bentivolia (R-Mich.) wants money for Citizen Outreach in order to “repeal Obamacare’s medical device tax.” I searched “medical device tax” and to my surprise discovered “Some medical device manufacturers not paying their share of health reform.” You know one way to tell a Liberal/Progressive site? By the use of “share,” in the sense of “fair share.” Billionaires don’t pay their fair share of income taxes, that sort of thing. Congress should get rid of the medical device tax, but my mother-in-law does not need a congressman from Michigan asking for her money.

• Alan Keyes and J.C. Watts ask for money through Christian fellowship and conservative action, said money bound for Declaration Alliance in Houston. I have heard Keyes speak in person and former Rep. Watts on television, and I know both men are much more articulate than is whoever wrote the letters above their signatures. For a donation of $35 or more, you will get a copy of We Won’t Get Fooled Again, a book said to be “a huge service to the Christian Community.”

• Other letters are from: The Seniors Coalition, with a “Citizens Discharge Petition To Protect Social Security;” The National Campaign to Guarantee Social Security; Secure America Alliance, with “Certified Petition Enclosed;” FreedomWorks, with a “Notification Of Policy Adjsutment;” and another from The National Campaign to Guarantee Social Security, with “two … Zip Mail envelopes” and printed cards for ”My elected Representatives in the U.S. House” and “My U.S. Senators” asking them “to sign on in support of legislation that legally obligates the U.S. government to continue to pay Social Security benefits.”

Today’s mail surely will contain similar treasures.

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