Saturday, June 15, 2013

Wow! A letter from Pat Boone!

You remember Pat Boone! Great-times-four grandson of Daniel; cousin of Richard?

Oh. Love Letters in the Sand? April Love? Debby Boone’s father?

OK. Boone was a heart throb in the 1950s. Good singer, bad actor. Christian, conservative, sometimes a joke.

Anyway, the letter is addressed to my mother-in-law and, oddly enough, Boone wants her to send money to The 60 Plus Association in Washington, D.C. Boone also wants my mother-in-law to sign a petition demanding Sen. Harry Reid “allow a free and fair vote that will bring about the elimination of the horrific Death Tax.”

Don’t get me wrong – I am in favor of eliminating the federal inheritance tax. But, do I think 60 Plus Association will really take the petitions to Reid’s office? Uh, no. And even if the petitions somehow wound up in Reid’s presence, would the Nevada senator read them? Uh, same no.

I will say this for 60 Plus: On the back of the petition, the organization admits donations are not tax deductable. Other thieving bastard groups say donations are tax deductable in accordance with IRS regulations, which means not at all.

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