Tuesday, January 28, 2014

About that Iranian nuke deal; and, by the way, did the oceans stop rising, as Obama ordered in 2008?

“The Europeans, including our partners in the P5+1, are lifting pressure with reckless abandon.

Ha'aretz reports: ‘France is sending business executives by the planeload to Iran. German and Dutch entrepreneurs are taking courses on how to close a deal in Tehran, and carmakers are drawing up plans for investment. Europe's business community is abuzz with preparations to rush back into Iran, an economic powerhouse in the Middle East, as some sanctions are suspended.’"

The New York Times wrote: ‘Hossein Sheikholeslami has been busy in recent weeks, since the deal was agreed to in principle, shuttling back and forth between the capital and the airport to welcome all the guests: parliamentary missions from old European trading partners like Germany, Italy and Finland, which are eager to renew contacts.’"

The Washington Post headline that said it all: ‘European Businesses Rushing to Find Iran Bonanza.’"

The Los Angeles Times earlier this week quoted Salehi of Iran's nuclear agency, saying on state television, ‘The iceberg of sanctions is melting while our centrifuges are still working.’"


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