Wednesday, January 22, 2014

OK, so I paid attention to college nonsense

Three entries on college education below, all from Maggies Farm.

I got a degree in journalism because newspapers required a piece of paper. A union card, really, although just about any editor would loudly decry the idea of a newspaper union card, since the print field fights tooth, nail and claw the mere idea of a reporter's union.

Priscilla got a degreee in journalism because she wanted to work on newspapers. She did work for a newspaper, but then followed me to Grand Prairie, Texas, when I changed newspapers. She worked for a major insurance company in Dallas, had Michael, went to work for U.S. Rep. Dale Milford and then worked at home for a yearbook publisher. She followed me to Sulphur Springs, Texas, when I decided to go back to soldiering, although that time with the Texas Army National Guard. We had Kathleen and Casey by then. Priscilla did parttime work for Girl Scouts for a time and then became a full time field executive. She took over the Paris, Texas, YWCA for several years, in her first year doubling the council's cash assets. She worked again for Girl Scouts, then for Texas A&M University-Commerce. From March 2005 until October 2008, she was CEO of Girl Scouts council in Central Akansas, and then COO/senior vice president of the combined council until just before Christmas 2013, when her new CEO decided to get rid of everybody she could not control and mold into another her. Three senior VPs were tossed out.

Was the degree worth 4 1/2 years sitting in classrooms? Of course. I was paid GI Bill money, and college wasn't like real work. Priscilla earned a 3.85 GPA. I got a 3.0.

Comes a time when you really have to get a job, and maybe the degree helps, maybe it doesn't.

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