Wednesday, January 22, 2014

And then, there is this guy

“The fact is that I do so horrible in the job market that in my case I took the easy way out and became a professional student at modest pay. I did not have to attempt the futility of scattering resumes and selling myself to an employer or guess what questions they wanted me to ask that all the hundreds of other applicants know to ask at the rarely achieved job interview with perfect strangers; the person who put me on the payroll to teach as adjunct was on the dissertation defense committee.

“I barely get by with what I make but at least, in part because my 500 square foot house is paid for I don't have to become homeless and freeze to death in winter.
“That is how I protect myself the best I can from a hostile economy.”

(So many things the dude needs to think about, but if permanent student is his shtick and it works, stick with it. And, the dude is "so horrible in the job market" because he is the smartest person in the world and should not have to do applications and resumes and such.)

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