Sunday, January 19, 2014

Some young'uns weren't taught manners

Bliss cartoon: Man and woman sitting at restaurant table, man says to waiter, “I’ll have the filet mignon, and she’ll have the chef whip up something with no meat, dairy, wheat, soy or flavor.”

Several months ago my wife decided to reward her office staff with breakfast for completing an important project. She spent several hours making a breakfast casserole and several other dishes. She took the dishes to to the office. She had announced the breakfast a week before. When she put the dishes in the kitchen and was in her office, a twenty-something lass approached and said, “You know Mary is a vegetarian.” My wife said, “She can eat the (no-meat dish).” Another twenty-something entered the office and said, “You know Jane is gluten-free.” My wife said, “She can eat (this other dish).” When eating time arrived, two twenty-somethings looked in and said, “No. We’re not hungry.”

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