Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Ride, Captain, ride, upon your mystery ship

MV Cape Ray (T-AKR-9769) leaves US for Mediterranean and destruction of Syrian chemical weapons.

Wikipedia says the Cape Ray is a roll-on/roll-off and container ship, built in 1997 by Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd., and acquired 29 April 1994 or 17 Dec 1994 for the Ready Reserve Force, originally called Saudi Makkah and later Seaspeed Asia.

From the conspiracy folks:

“By: Marshall Ramsey II, Worthy News U.S. Correspondent

“WASHINGTON, District of Columbia (WorthyNews) -- The United States government, under President Obama, is acquiring chemical weapons from Syria for use in drone strikes.

“Under the pretense of destroying Syria's chemical weapons stockpile, the United States will begin processing their own chemical weapons on board the MV Cape Ray."

WorthyChristian says the “Cape Ray was built in 1977 by Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd., Japan, and called the MV Seaspeed Asia. It was acquired by the U.S. Department of Transportation, Maritime Administration April 29, 1991, and named the Cape Ray February 1, 1994.” The “1977” is likely a typo; the other dates conflict with Wikipedia, but Wikipedia conflicts with itself, so take your pick.

WorthyChristian does not mention the ship’s original name – Saudi Makkah. If WorthyChristian knew the US was using a former Saudi ship to pick up Syrian chemical weapons, you can bet the mortgage WorthyChristian would be all over that.

Also see:

which speaks of the “massive ship that will destroy Syria’s chemical weapons.”

“The result of this destruction will be 1.5 million gallons of hazardous waste, which a top engineer likened to Drano, that will not be usable for chemical-weapons production, but nonetheless will need to be disposed of at a waste facility of some kind. (Details of disposal have not been worked out yet.)”

Dinar Daily also says: “Built in 1977, the ship was delivered to Saudi Arabia's National Ship Co. as MV SEASPEED ASIA. Later renamed SAUDI MAKKAH, she was purchased by the Maritime Administration in 1993 and was subsequently converted for military use. Renamed MV CAPE RAY (T-AKR 9679), she was assigned to the Ready Reserve Force on December 17, 1994. Since then, she is maintained in reduced operating status in a layberth at Portsmouth, Va. If required, she can be fully activated within 5 days.”

Again, no one seems to know when the ship came to US ownership.

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