Wednesday, November 2, 2016

A caller not paying attention

Almost all calls on the landline phone are telemarketers or of the related ilk. Rather than allow six or eight ringy dingies, I answer with either “Thank you for calling the Red Pony. How may I help you on this glorious (morning or afternoon)?” or “Socialist Workers Party. How may I direct your call?”

A few minutes ago I answered a call with “Socialist Workers Party.” In the background were noises from a dozen or more telephone workers. My caller said, “Hello, my name is Raymond. I am calling on behalf of the Republican Party. Have you and Priscilla taken the opportunity to vote?”

My thought: Dude, pay attention. I answered “Socialist Workers Party.” Did you not hear? Maybe he did, and maybe his West Indian background (evident from his accent) did not allow an unusual statement to interfere with his programmed spiel.

I replied, “No, we have not, but we will.”

“Thank you very much,” Raymond said, “and have a blessed day.”

Hey, it was a lot better than somebody trying to sell insurance.

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