Thursday, November 24, 2016

Dobbin, Texas -- pop. 170 … or maybe 300

Dobbin is down by Houston and Sugar Land, not too far from Cut and Shoot. The town used to be known as Bobbin, but the name was changed in 1909.

“In 1965 Dobbin had a post-peeling plant. … In 2000 the town had seven businesses, including Mock's Feed Store and Grocery and Hoffart's Store; a post office; the Dobbin station of the Montgomery Fire Department; two churches; and a collection of dwellings. The population was still estimated at 170.”

But -- “(S)ome estimates place that (population) figure at close to 300.”,_Texas

(The “some estimates” are not identified. Just like a few censuses ago, Paris, Texas, didn’t like the official figure of a few short of 30,000, so the city conducted its own count. Lo and behold! A miracle! Local counters must have been more accurate, because the population now exceeded 30,000. Which, officially, the city has not yet reached.)

Pictures of buildings old and not so old:">

Dobbin has a saloon and a barbecue joint. Of course it does; it’s in Texas. says Dobbin shares the same area code (936) as Bobbville. Google does not recognize Bobbville. For whatever that is worth. Julian Assange says Google has assets and freedom to spy that the CIA only dreams about, so maybe there isn’t a Bobbville.

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