Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Sage, Arkansas

Sage is in Izard County, southeast of Calico Rock and due south of Violet Hill. Bluegrass music-sounding names.

In the 2010 census, Izard County’s population was 13,696. The 2000 census population was 13,249. Of those, 96.4% were white. Poverty-wise, 13.6% of families and 17.2% of the total population lived below the official poverty line, including 22.4% of those under age 18 and 13.7% of those older than 65.

Townships in Izard County include: Barren Fork, Big Spring, Drytown, Gid, Mill Creek, Mount Olive, New Hope, Pleasant Hill, Strawberry and Union. Wikipedia says: “Gid is the name of Gid Bruce. The community received its name in 1888 when promoters of a post office couldn't agree on a name, and so decided to name it for whomever walked in next.”,_Arkansas

Not far northeast of Sage is Melbourne Municipal-John E. Miller Field. Across LaCrosse Road from the airport is Coopers Hawk Golf Club. Zion is a few miles northwest of Sage. has Sage’s population at 278. Arkansas.hometownlocater says the population is 401. That site also says the town has 31 vacant housing units. gives Sage an overall grade of C+, with C in nightlife and C- in “diversity.” Niche says the “Most Represented Ethnicity” is 100%. That means “White.” Nightlife? C+ on “Access to Bars”; C- on “Access to Restaurants”; and 0.0% “Millennial Newcomers.”

Small town, close to the Ozarks. Lots of pasture, woods, creeks and hills.

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