Wednesday, November 9, 2016

‘NeverTrump’ does not matter

And, except as narcissism, never did.

RedState, which once had some influence, but now does not see past a mirror: “Thus, Donald Trump must fail. He does not share my values. I want him to fail to achieve the things he supports, and those things he has said he wants to accomplish as President. I will not support him, I will not cooperate with him, and I will not submit to him.”

Dude. You don’t matter. You lost, just as surely as did Hillary Clinton. You lost. Get over yourself.

For bitter crow, see also:

And another NeverTrump magnificently wrong:

“President. Hillary Clinton, who would have lost to almost any other Republican, will likely win the Presidency 333 to 205.*

“I will go out on a limb and predict that this Hispanic turn-out coupled with the Trump Effect will give Hillary a narrow win in Arizona—the second time out of three that a Clinton wins Arizona. Virginia has become a long-shot for Republicans, and Pennsylvania effectively forfeited, and as goes Pennsylvania, goes the election. The Trump Effect may extend to North Carolina and Florida, which would result in Hillary gaining their 44 electoral votes. Arizona, North Carolina, and Florida are the most marginal states, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Republicans keep them; however, even with all three states, Trump will come up short. I am giving Ohio to Trump because his appeal to blue collar working class Whites without a higher education degree is real. It’ll be enough in Ohio, but not enough for Minnesota, Wisconsin, or Michigan due to his disappeal amongst other groups needed to win. I’m also going to go out on a limb and give Trump Maine-2 for the same reason I am giving him Ohio.”

Yeah, it was all those “blue collar working class Whites without a higher education degree” who gave Trump the win.

I am laughing. I am laughing and I am saying, “Told you so.”

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