Sunday, November 13, 2016

Man’s gotta feed his chickens

But stealing is not the way.

‘Marielets kidnapped five sacks of wheat to feed chickens’

“Yesterday, on 8 November, the police received a report of theft in one of the villages in the Volga region - five sacks of wheat it had been stolen from a local warehouse. Loss discovered the organization of workers who belonged to the warehouse, they noticed that the window knocked plywood and identified shortage after scaling content. Damage was estimated at 1 000 125 rubles, the press service of the Mari police.

“In the course of investigative actions, it was found that during the theft is a 37-year-old unemployed villagers. He explained that he had committed the crime in order to feed the chickens.

“As a result, it brought a criminal case, and seized stolen wheat.”

(Here's an idea: Sell a couple of chickens and buy feed.)

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