Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Senator Boozman replies

On May 7 I blogged: “Thieving bastard group uses senator’s name without permission,” about the Emergency Committee to Save Medicare and its using Sen. Boozman’s name in a fund-raising letter.

Today I got a snail-mail reply from Sen. Boozman.

“Thank you for contacting me about ‘Emergency Committee to Save Medicare” using the names of several Senators to solicit funds.”

“I did not authorize the letter. The letter is deceptively using my name along with the names of other Senators, to lend credence to their fundraising operation.”

Sen. Boozman’s letter then says, “Thank you for contacting me … visit my website at … I look forward to hearing from you …” etc. and etc.

Thank you, Sen. Boozman for your reply.

Now, let’s look at Paragraph Two of the senator’s reply: “The letter is deceptively using my name …”

Doesn’t deceptive use constitute mail fraud?

That was Thought #2.

Thought #1: OK, Senator. I, a constituent, gave you a copy of the letter. You determined the letter deception. What are you going to do now?

A guess: Someone from Sen. Boozman’s office will contact the thieving bastards at Emergency Committee to Save Medicare and tell them to stop using the senator’s name.

I would prefer a postal service investigation. I sent on-line forms to USPS, but got only a “Thank you for contacting us” and “We will let you know if we decide mail fraud has been committed.”

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  1. Of course we saw what happened when the IRS went after aggressive Right wing groups flagrantly abusing the tax exempt status for educational organizations, with their fear and hate mongering tactics. Why has that famous Liberal Media bias not been working overtime to investigate the vast differences in Left versus Right leaning money schemes? Maybe it is time the rest of us take back OUR country, the one founded on freedom from bigotry, hate, persecution.