Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Thieving bastard group uses senator’s name without permission

By Sgt. Bob

Sen. John Boozman (R-Ark.) did not give approval for a fear-mongering organization to use his name in soliciting money, a spokesman said Tuesday.

Ron Chastain, with the senator’s Little Rock office, said the senator was not a participant in fund-raising activities by Emergency Committee to Save Medicare. Boozman is among two senators and 13 House members listed in an “emergency alert from medical panel” sent out this week.

Douglas Ramsey, director of ECSM, claims in the letter: “I have been authorized, as Director of the Emergency Committee to Save Medicare, to provide you with this warning issued by” the listed senators and representatives.

“All of the above are both medical professionals as well as members of the United States Congress,” Ramsey said in the bulk-mail letter.

“And because of their grave concern about the future of your Medicare, these Representatives (sic) have come together to issue an Emergency Alert,” Ramsey said.

At the end of the four-page letter, Ramsey included a form with the notation for the recipient, “To help the Emergency Committee to Save Medicare in the fight for real reform, I am enclosing my contribution of ( ) $600 ( ) Other $__________.

ECSM is part of Policy Issues Institute, a 501c4 organization, according to the Washington Secretary of State. The letter from Ramsey notes, “Contributions and gifts to Policy Issues Institute are not deductible for Federal income tax purposes. PII bills itself as “a nonprofit advocacy organization that is recognized and exempt from tax by the Internal Revenue Service.”

Boozman’s office will look into ECSM claims, Chastain said.


  1. The Army used to have a big problem with predatory payday loan places. Then a Representative and a General's wife got involved and sponsored bills which restricted their practices. I wonder why the all-mighty AARP doesn't get more active with this kind of stuff? It seems a bit out of control.

  2. Or Congresspersons whose names appear on the letters. Ron Chastain asked for a copy of the letter, and he said he will send it to Sen. Boozman's DC office. We'll see what happens.