Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Thieving bastards never stop

Of course not. Perseverance in lying and threatening keeps them wealthy.

Today brought nine letters.

No return address. “Copy of certified letter enclosed.” Copy of certified letter? That’s a lie. If you don’t sign for a letter, it isn’t “certified.”

United States Health Congress. “Your official health care registration is enclosed.”

American Criminal Justice Center. “Emergency Communication.” In red, all caps.

Retirement Security Task Force. “Nationwide survey enclosed. Response requested.” All caps. In the address window: “Census recipient:” and then my mother-in-law’s name and address.

Alan Keyes: “America’s Islamic ‘Trojan Horse’ Operates Out Of The White House.” **

Decide America -- Ambassador John Bolton Founder and Chairman: “Emergency National Security Citizen Opinion Poll: Issue – National Security Policy and Domestic Terrorism.”

United States Health Congress: “Sit Down And Take A Deep Breath And Brace Yourself But Know That You Are Not Alone.”

United States Investigative Unit: “Two Air Delivery Envelopes Enclosed For Two Crucial Reasons – Please Return Without Delay.”

** The real Alan Keyes would not do "Islamic" and "Trojan Horse."

(These thieving bastards would keep on lying to old people and stealing Social Security and retirement even if I could find a physical location and leave something for Joe Turner to find, or do a Red John on the office people. A week, max, the office would be reconstituted.)

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