Sunday, March 16, 2014

Obama gives up another US invention -- SOS

We didn’t need it anyway.

‘U.S. to relinquish government control of Internet’

“March. 14 (UPI) -- The United States will hand over government control of administration of the Internet, bowing to pressures to globalize the management of the networks that connect billions of people around the world in a move meant to ease fears following last year's revelations of NSA spying.

“U.S. officials on Friday announced plans to relinquish its oversight role over the group that manages the Web's critical infrastructure, said Lawrence Strickling, the head of the National Telecommunications & Information Administration at the Commerce Department.”

That’s the government version – “relinquish control.” Here, we get more truthful U.S. to “hand over” Internet:

“Short version: the messiah you computer geeks believed to be a second coming is selling all of you geeks you down the river; or as is more commonly associated with Barack Obama, throwing you under that muchly over-used bus. How many millions of dollars did you fools funnel to this man who now sells you down the digital river, where you are no longer Americans, but rather subjects of a world body not particularly friendly, if not openly hostile, to American technological superiority?

“I hope you’re ready for millions of you to be replaced/displaced by the poor in third world nations you were always so concerned about, whose plight you always so piously proclaimed. Of course there’s always the option of your relocating from California to Tajikistan’s global networking headquarters, or some other similarly appealing enviro to pursue your digital dreams.

“Hey, geniuses, you bought the guy a ticket and he took you for a ride.”

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