Monday, March 10, 2014

Which Russia does Putin want?

“After prolonged negotiations, Russia most likely will keep the Crimea. Europe, by way of something like a Marshall Plan, will prevent a Ukrainian state bankruptcy. Could there arise a pro-Russian government in Kyiv? Will there be an end to illusions in Washington? Too early to say. President Obama, like virtually all his predecessors, is an isolationist at heart, annoyed by foreign political crises that prevent him dealing with domestic problems that seem fare more important; in this field he feels much more at home. The main danger at present is a sudden switch from false optimism about the state of the world to near hysteria.” – ‘After the Fall: Russia in Search of a New Ideology.”

(Obama has always seemed arrogant and bored. Twice bitch-slapped by Putin, Obama continues with his “Things are as I want them to be” foreign policy. If fear replaces arrogance, we could have “near hysteria.”)

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