Monday, March 31, 2014

Time is an allusion. No, it isn't.

New studies about time.

Everything that happens in the universe is determined by laws. “Laws are absolute – they don’t change with time.” The laws also seem to reveal the true nature of time. “They suggest the flow of time is just a convenient illusion that can be replaced by computation.” Time is a trick that makes the equations spit out the right answers.

Here’s the deal: Either time will end or it will not. Whichever, we won’t be here to know.

Folks get paid money to do thinking most don’t care about because in daily life, none of it matters. What matters is day-to-day life and the rules that apply. There was a cloud of smoke. Moses went up the mountain. God said, “Here are the rules.” (OK, no book quotes God as saying that, but that’s pretty much what he delivered.)

Link at maggiesfarm, where writers often write stuff that matters only to Yankees (old definition) and psychologists.

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