Sunday, March 16, 2014


After passing out and banging my head against a tile floor 18 days ago I have concluded this: SOS.

Same Old Stuff.

Republicans and Democrats shriek that the other is an Enemy of The People and a Threat to Democracy.

Russia invaded another country.

A Moslem suicided and killed several possibly innocent other Moslems.

An airplane crashed and TV news networks hustled before cameras two dozen experts on: why airplanes crash; how airplanes work; how radar works; why pilots sometimes screw up; why modern airplanes will not allow pilots to screw up … et cetera and et cetera.

Every big-name American business takes advantage of its workers and does not pay enough in hourly wages. Salaries, too much; hourly wages, not enough. Here’s a clue for you all: Nobody is paid enough. Just ask.

An electronics/telephone company announced something that you must install on (buy for) your device or devices that will absolutely improve some aspect of your life. (As Bernadette said on The Big Bang Theory, last year the company she works for both invented and cured restless eye syndrome.)

Oh, well. Regular season baseball begins in 11 days. Even then, though, play-by-play/analysts/commenters will forget the game on the field and talk about their own careers or a player’s history of doing something good or maybe not so good.


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