Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Spending too much money

Mrs. R. stopped cooking when Mr. R. died in 2004. She never enjoyed cooking, and without a husband to take care of after work, she saw no reason to do something she didn’t want to do in the first place.

Until temporarily staying with Priscilla and me last year and then going to an assisted living place and now living permanently here, Mrs. R. and her son John followed a routine for meals: Breakfast, cereal with milk; lunch, Wendy’s hamburger with fries and drink; dinner, Catfish King or Big Jake’s barbecue. She had canned food and frozen food, box dinners and pasta in cabinets and freezer, but she did not cook.

When she stayed with us Monday-Friday for six weeks last year, she gained six pounds. Her doctor was pleased.

Following breakfast this morning, Priscilla and I began making a grocery list. After a time of Priscilla writing and both her and me talking, Mrs. R. said, “That certainly sounds like an expensive list.”

Priscilla said, “It’s a grocery list.”

“Well, it certainly sounds expensive.”

Priscilla and I decided on more goods. Mrs. R. said, “That is a very expensive list.”

I said, “We don’t go to Wendy’s or Catfish King or Big Jake’s. For one thing, we would have to drive 25 or 30 miles.”

“One way,” Priscilla said.

“Well, it just sounds like a lot of expensive food.”

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